The Sixties Radical Strikes Again

This crap really gets boring. It is the same old shit from the Obama regime, state run media, and the rest of Libs and Dems. Jeez, guys at least come up with a different template.

This Bull Shit is boring.

Attack Rush, attack Arizona state law that is protecting its state, attack the conservatives, attack us who believe in God, Jesus, and the Constitution.

Why let the facts get in the way of a good story when it is surely better to make stuff up to promote the template of the day, week or year.

Ask Dan Bathler I mean Rather.

This garbage gets old quick.

No wonder the ratings on CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest stink big time.

The truth is nowhere to be found.

The truth. Try Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, and maybe Lou Dobbs.

The sad truth is this. The Obama and his legion of doom want to take over this country. Obama and his gang want to transform the United States into a Fascist country.

You can cut it seventy-five ways to Sunday but the truth will not change.

Obama hates this country.

Rush is right. Obama demonizes anything that gets in his way.

This clown for a President never held a real job in his life.

The Prez baby never lived in the real world.

All Obama knows are leftist radicals who want to destroy this country,

Does Saul Alinski strike a familiar note?

Now in a case of real insanity the assistant principle at a California high school told four students to turn their tee shirts with the American flag on them inside out because it would offend Mexican Students. What? You can’t wear the American flag on May 5 because it is Cinco de Mayo. This is America fool. This is not Mexico.

This is just one of the typical examples of Political Correctness taken to extremes.

This is sad but true.

America is no longer America.

We are not the melting pot but a divided nation who must serve the god of liberalism.

The Bible is clear-Thou salt have no other Gods before me.

This is why we as a nation are headed down a path of self-destruction.

We have gotten away from our Jewish Christian principles upon which this nation was built.

This nation better wake up and realize God blessed this nation.

Read our real history not the watered down version in the typical high school or college textbook.

Try reading the words of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Doctor Benjamin Rush.

2 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical Strikes Again”

  1. Please try getting your news from more than just one source. Whether it’s liberal or conservative, having only one perspective limits your ability to see the whole picture.

    1. I do see the entire picture. The state run media lies. ABC NBC CBS NY Times and all the rest. If it doesn’t fit the template they won’t report it. I know I worked in a news room. I know how it works. Trust me..

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