The Sixties Radical on Illegal’s

I can’t sit by and watch my country go to hell in hand basket because many of the clergy and so called Christian leaders want to grant amnesty to illegal’s who are living among us.

These men use the Bible as weapon to help this country become third rate.

The men of God use the passage love your neighbor as yourself. Their other favorite quote is to open your house to the stranger.

Fine and dandy but let me ask you this?

What part of illegal is right?

How illegals have raped and murdered Americans?

I will bet you dollars to holes in a doughnut the number is staggering.

These so called men of God use the excuse that the illegals came here because they wanted a better life. They are hard working people and they want is to live in peace.

There is nothing wrong with that. Do it the right way.

I did. I brought my wife here the right way.

All we get is shit on because we did it the right way.



I am very angry.

I hate it when supposed men of God use the word of God to destroy the very land and country we live in.

These men claim illegals are doing nothing wrong. They are doing jobs that Americans won’t do.

They use the fact that they have lived here for many years and have children born in the United States. If we deport them, this will break up the family.

Many will use the Fourteenth Amendment.

This Amendment was written to protect the slaves who were granted citizenship after the Civil War.

Look it up.

Yet, at the same time these illegals take from our society. They over run our health system and educational system.

They demand us to learn Spanish.

Many don’t want to learn English.

If we stand up and fight against the illegals, we are branded racist or worse yet bad non-caring people because we stand up for the word of law.

The United States is becoming a little Mexico.

If you think I am kidding just look at what is happening in Los Angeles and Arizona.

The unemployment rate in LA is 16%.

The city is going broke because the place is over run with illegals.

Many hard working American citizens have left California because of high taxes. This tax money is used to give welfare and health care to illegals.

If think I am kidding check it out for yourself.

English in the United States is considered now a second language. Yep, this is right. If I were living in Mexico and asked to please speak English I would be told Gringo this is Mexico. Learn Spanish.

My whole point is this.

Do it the right way.

Don’t use the Bible as a weapon to cram down our throats amnesty for illegals.

If Obama and the men of the cloth have their way 20 million illegal’s will be granted amnesty.

This will kill the United States.

This is diabolical.

Yo, Christian ministers you are being used as pawns by the left and the Prez.

These illegals are being used to destroy the very fabric of our country.

To quote Rush Limbaugh- this is the biggest democrat registration drive in history.

Clergy and Ministers please think carefully before going to Washington to push for amnesty for illegals.

Our Founding Fathers all knew that God granted us freedom and blessed this nation but at the same time, we are a nation of laws. If we throw out the laws of this nation and open up our borders to anyone who wants in chaos and death will happen.

Arizona is the case in point.

Los Angeles and San Francisco is another.

Take heed for if this happens the United States will no longer be alive.

One final parting shot, President Regan tried amnesty in 1986. It didn’t work.

The illegal problem jumped from five million to well over twenty million.

A nation that forgets its past is doomed to repeat it.

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