The Sixties Radical on The Attack on The American way of Life

The attack is endless on the American way of life from without and within this county.

The drumbeat goes on and on and on.

Many will have a cow about what I have to say so here it goes. Prez Obama wants to destroy this country.

His plan is well thought out and calculated.

He is on a seek and destroy mission.

This is get even time for Obama and his merry band of destructive cohorts.

He will use any means possible to get what he wants done.

Obama doesn’t care if he uses Christian ministers or clergy to deceive the public and their parishioners to achieve his goal of granting amnesty to the twenty-five or so illegals living here in this country.

He wants to increase the democrat-voting base.

Obama uses the straw dog argument that the Arizona law is racist and denies them civil liberties due to them under the Constitution.

He also set us up to believe that Federal Law trumps state law.

The real facts are these.

First, the Constitution grants rights and privileges to citizens of the United States.

Second Obama doesn’t want the federal law enforced.

He wants ICE to look the other way.

The Arizona immigration law bends over backwards to protect the rights of those here legally and illegally.

It is called probable cause.

Straw dog arguments are used when one doesn’t have the facts to back them up.

The Christians who want to grant amnesty to illegals use the same tactic too.

These so called pillars of the Christian community use the word love your neighbor, take care of the stranger, and they are hard working people who only want a good life thus we should grant them amnesty because this is what Jesus would do. 

These men of cloth argue that  illegals are not a drain on society.

Many use the word of Jesus to destroy the nation.

Jesus said we must obey the laws of the land so my question to the ministers is this what part of the laws are the illegals obeying?

This is a fair question.

Please explain to me what part of illegal is legal?

This argument goes to the heart of issue,

Break down society by first killing the family. Then attack the laws of the land and then do away with religion. Then attack education and last but not least the economics of the nation will be the last to fall.

This is happening now.

These problems are used as a smoke screen to set the state up as God.

Obama and his cohorts believe that all rights come from government not God.

Always remember this Liberals will always be liberals.

 I don’t care if they are ministers, rabbis, Jews, or Christians.

Liberalism trumps everything else.

Be careful Christian minister for you are next on the list to lose you rights.

For you see the church is the cross hairs of Obama too.

You just don’t see it yet.

Trust me on this.

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