The Sixties Radical Rhino Republicans and the Dems

Why is it that the Dems and the ruling elite snob rhino Republicans always at election time run as conservatives?

This is because the common folks like me are conservative.

For they know that they have to fool the people to keep their power. Yet, once their power is secured the Dems and snob elite rhino Republicans will stick it to us with the liberal policies.

This has been going on for years.

The sad fact is that it all comes down to power.

Keep the power.

 The ruling class will make rules that will restrict our freedom while at the same time they will exempt themselves from the laws they pass.

This smacks of Communism and Fascism.

The real facts are that Prez Obama, The Dems, and Republicans like John McCain, Olympia Snow, Lindsey Graham, and the rest are playing a real life game of high stakes life and death with the United States of America.

What these idiots and clowns don’t realize is this and let me put this very bluntly. You might object to the language I use but I don’t care. If the United States falls, the rest of the free world is fucked.

It is plain and simple as that.

Let me add another key point. The Christians in this country are as much to blame for this mess we are in as well as the Dems and the elite Republicans.

The Church stood by and did nothing for years.

There is one exception that I know of John Hagee other that no one.

For the do nothing Christians think they are not part of this world so therefore all they have to worry about is saving people souls for Jesus and that’s it.

This is good.

Yet, my question is this. Save souls for Jesus is what He asked us to do (I am all for this being a born again Jew) and at the same time it is okay to let this great nation of ours go to hell in a hand basket.

I am sorry but Jeez there is something not right with this logic. I wonder what God and His son Jesus would think of this.

Many of the Christians in this country worry about China and other parts of world however they are blind to the injustices that are going on right under their noses and right in front of their eyes.

It is okay for the Muslims to build an in your face victory Mosque at the site of the Muslim attack that murdered three thousand Americans and destroyed the World Trade Center but God forbid help the Greek Orthodox Church that was almost destroyed in the same attack.

The Left screams for religious freedom when it suits their purpose.

Let a Christian put up a nativity scene on ground zone or on their own front yard and all hell will break loose.  We can’t have this by damn. We have to stop these people and shut them up for we can’t have the real truth taught.

The God of the Bible and Jesus will shine the light of truth on the Left’s real purpose. So, we have to stop them by selectively ignoring the first amendment to the Constitution and miss interpret its real meaning to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people to keep our power.

For the real powers of evil are rooted deep in the Democrat party, Prez Obama, and certain members of the Republican party such as Olympia Snow, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

So, we have to be very careful.

John McCain pretended to be a conservative to win his primary then he will go back to business as usual.

People, the Church, and everyone else it is time to wake up and get our country back in line with the word of God.

If not we are doomed.

We have to vote and use our heads for something besides a hat rack.

It is time for action.

We are at war with a real enemy that wants to destroy us.

This enemy is a relentless foe that will stop at nothing to bring us to our knees.

Once you loose your freedom, you’ll never get it back.

Ask people that have lived in places like Russia, Iran, Iraq, Chile, and Cuba.

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