The Sixties Radical on America’s hatred of Israel

The entire world now hates Israel.

Our last friend the United States of America has now turned its back on us.

No, I am not an Israeli but I am a Jew.

This makes me hopping mad.

The Bible warned us about this.

The Old Testament said that the entire world would turn its back on Israel and attack the nation of Israel and the Jews.

The only friend the Jews and Israel have is the Evangelical Christians.

Without people like John Hagee, the Jews and Israel would be friendless.

The USA used to be our friend but in the last thirty years, this country has slowly turned its back on Jews and Israel.

Even American Jews hate Israel and blame the Israelis for all the worlds problems.

The last President who defended Israel’s solemn right to defend herself was Ronald Regan.

The anti Semitic prick we have in the White House Prez Obama would rather defend Islam and the mad man from Iran Ahmadinejad right to kill all Jews and destroy Israel while at the same time condemns Israel for defending her own borders against attack.

Prez Obama would rather see Israel wiped off the face of the earth than stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons to destroy the United States and the rest of the free world.

Prez Obama would rather see a dead Jew instead of dead Islamic Terrorists.

The only good Jew is a dead Jew.

This is a sad but true fact.

All of this hatred of Israel and the Jewish people goes back to the Bible and what the word of God has to say about Israel and Jews.

For we Jews are the chosen people of God.

This covenant was made between Abraham and God and then later between God and Moses.

Jesus traces his heritage to David.

Jesus said in John 1, I am one of the sons of David.

Christianity cannot exist without Judaism.

Jesus is a Jew.

Yet, Obama has chosen to do nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons to destroy the western world and Israel.

This is well thought plan by Obama and his advisors to do nothing while at the same time weakening the United States.

The truth is Obama is a Muslim.

He hates this country and wants to see us destroyed.

However, Obama is forgetting a very important point.

Israel was not created in 1948 but was established three thousand years ago.

The Jewish people were scattered across the world because we disobeyed God.

Once God makes a covenant, He keeps it.

This is why Israel and the City of Jerusalem were given back to the Jews in 1948.

The word of God is true.

This is why all of these things are happening now.

One thought on “The Sixties Radical on America’s hatred of Israel”

  1. I am not sure what has happened to you but you have gone off the deep end.

    Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth to save All Mankind, not just the Jews.

    In fact it was the a Jew that betrayed Him.

    The Jews had Him crucified, and brought a Curse on Themselves when they said,”Let His Blood be on Our Heads”.

    We true Christians know that God so Loved the World that He gave His only Begotten Son, that the “World” (all mankind) might be Saved, Not just the Jews.

    God did say that whoever stands with Israel will be blessed. If America truly turns away form Israel we will loose Gods Blessings and Favor as a nation.

    You have commented in the past that Prayer is not the answer and we must do something else to save mankind.

    I say without Prayer nothing is possible.

    We must seek God daily for Direction and Protection.

    He will send the Holy Spirit to Guide and Protect us.

    You need to build up your Faith. Without Faith nothing is possible.

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