The Sixties Radical

The elites in the media, the democrat party, nor the Republican Party get it. We as a nation are pissed. We have watched our nation get hijacked by the very people who were elected to make sure “We the People” have all the rights assigned to us under the God of the Bible and the Constitution.

The very people elected by “ We the People’ have gotten drunk on power. These elites have decided that they know better than we do how to raise our families, run our businesses, run our churches and charities, and then they have audacity to tell us what is right and wrong.

These very people have decided to do away with our very laws that govern our society.

To the Dems, the Left, The Prez, the Rhino Republicans, the state run media ad nasuim know what is best for us.

These elites have decided that illegals have more rights and privileges than citizens of this country.

For the lawbreakers are seen as victims by the left ad nasuim while law abiding citizens are viewed as racist homophobic pigs.

This is pay back time for the Prez and his thugs. They see this country as an imperialist nation who needs to be destroyed yet the opposite is true. For without the United States of America electricity, automobiles, airplanes, computers, the small pox vaccination, and ninety-percent of the life saving drugs and medical procedures who have never been discovered.

This is the real fact.

We as a nation are very generous.

We are the first on the scene when there is a disaster.

Without the United States help Germany and Japan would have taken over the world.

The American people have had a belly full of this shit.

The Republicans better wake up and stop Obama and his march towards socialism and Fascism now.

The Republicans see this election as the status quo and business as usual.

They think we are bunch of idiots who don’t know anything.

The clowns in the Republican Party better wake up or you will become irrelevant.

We are for real and we want our country back for all of our citizens.

This is the United States of America not the United States of Mexico or the world.

The other real fact is this Prez Obama doesn’t give a flying damn what you or I think. He is focused on the prize at the bottom of the bottle. The Prez wants to change this country from a representative republic to a state control country. He will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Many do not understand the true diabolical nature of Prez Obama. He is relentless. The only way this man will be stopped is to destroy him.

Prez Obama is evil.

The Rhino Republicans and so-called professional politicians don’t get this.

We the common man get this. We know Obama is evil and must be stopped.

The first step will happen on November 2nd.

We are madder than hornets.

We will take our country back.

Take a look around you Dems and Rhino Republicans for you are looking at real people who have to live with the garbage you force on us like Healthcare, the taking away of our freedom of speech in the name of political correctness, jobs, freedom of choice, and property rights to name a few.

I can’t wait until November 2nd and vote you slim balls out of office.

The revolution will be televised.

2 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical”

  1. Yeah, stopping United Healthcare from denying life-saving care to a six year old who was just diagnosed with lymphoma is TREASON!
    Obviously you get your talking-points from Fox, I wish we COULD take away their freedom of speech, but that’ll never happen. Unemployment claims shrunk to a three-year low of 434,000 last month, so I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make there. Freedom of choice? I guess you’re for abortion.
    You are right about one thing, though. Democrats are slim compared to fatsos in the GOP. Wonder why…

    1. It is amazing how you socialists distort the truth. The true number of unemployed continues to rise. The media does not count those who’s benefits have run out. We are going down fast and you are blindly listing to the media. Why are you blaming that freedom of choice is causing abortion. The unborn child has no choice.
      You are backing a President that sole goal is to destroy this nation and you are blind to the truth. Fox tells the truth and you just can’t handle it.

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