The Sixties Radical

Rush Limbaugh called it right. It was a wipeout for the Libs and the Dems on November 2nd. The Dems lost 63 seats in the house and six seats in the Senate.

There were 18 state houses that flipped over to the Conservative side.

This was a huge win for conservatives.

I didn’t say Republican for a very good reason if it wasn’t for the Tea Party and Conservatives the Republicans would have lost big time.

Many in the media, the Democrats, and the Republicans have miss read the tealeaves.

All of these gains happened because of one simple outstanding factor, the American people have had enough of this garbage and we have stood up to fight the tyranny that has been put forth by Obama and the Dems.

The American people have finally awakened from a very long slumber.

This election is only the first step in a long and hard battle that lies ahead.

We have to fight Rhino Republicans who want to disse Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party. The Left who want to change the very fabric of society from God of the Bible based to the God of the government.

Conservatives are the considered by the media, the Prez, the Rhino Republicans, the Dems,a and the left as the real evil in this country.

The real evil is Obama etal. 

The Prez will still will fight like hell to push his Socialist Marxist Fascist agenda.  

This is only the beachhead.

Now the long hard fight ahead waits us Conservatives.

We are locked in a life and death battle against the evil that is facing this country.

This is step one.

The next step is to stop Obama and his leftist agenda dead in its tracks.

More to come.

These are just my opening thoughts on this historic election.

63 seats in the House are huge.

Six seats in the Senate are big too.

The Rhino Republicans are trashing the Tea Party because the Senate is still Dems hands.

These are the facts.

Control of the House and 18 state house’s have flipped.

This is a huge day for Conservatives.

To quote Rush Limbaugh- Conservatism wins elections every time.

Need I say more.

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