The Sixties Radical

This is what happens when you let the Libs run the show. Prez Obama, Hilary Clinton, and the rest are in the process of destroying this country.

I hate to sound like a broken record what is happening now is a well thought out plan by Prez Obama.

This is diabolical.

Instead of trying military combatants in a military court the Prez decided to try them in a civilian court.

Obama decided to bestow rights privileges reserved for United States Citizens to non-US citizen’s actually enemy combatants.

This is pure Bull crap.

The murdering terrorist Ghailani walked on all counts except one. Give me a break.

One of the idiot cops said that the FBI and military men were destroying a crime scene.

A crime scene in the middle of a war zone are you crazy my man.

This is war zone fool.

This is not cops and robbers.

These people like Ghailani want to kill your silly butt.

Ghailani blew up the United States embassy in Tanzania.

He murdered 224 people.

All 224 counts of murder were thrown out.

They convicted him on a lesser count conspiracy to commit murder.

Give me a freakin break.

Now this guy is going to walk because the idiots at the White House want to play the politically correct game.

Rules of war are different than criminal laws.

This day and age war has no rules.

The terrorist will use any means possible to destroy us.

Yes, this includes using women and children.

If you think I am kidding I am not.

Guess what Prez baby this is a not criminal problem this is war. 

 It is destroy your enemy. 

It is more important than life or death.

This is an all out war.

We just sent a message to our enemies.

This is a very simple message.

We don’t have the stomach to fight.

You win.

How many of these terrorists are going to have to walk and kill more Americans and other people of the world before you Mister Prez wake up and realize that these Islamic terrorist want to kill you as well.

Oh, Yeah, that’s right I forget you were raised by a Marxist father.

You hate this country Prez Obama.

This is the real truth

This not about convictions this is about stopping the enemy dead in their tracks before they destroy us.

What are soldiers supposed to do?

Hold up their badge and shout, “Stop and in the name of the law.”

Read them their Miranda rights while rushing a machine gun nest.

This is pure insanity.

This is what happens when Libs and Marxists run the military.

Your polices kill our own soldiers.

They die.

Their hands are tied and they can’t fit back.

Please read these quotes from Hilary Clinton-

“You will get no argument from this administration on that point,” she said, adding that the Obama administration is trying to move toward trials in a way that “maximizes the outcome that is in the best interest of the security of the American people.”

“So I don’t think you can, as a rule, say, ‘Oh, no more civilian trials or no more military commissions.’ President Obama’s theory of this is that most should be in Article III (civilian) courts, some should be confined to military commissions. But as things stand right now, we have actually gotten more convictions, and more people, more terrorists, are serving time in prison right now, because of Article III courts than military commissions.”

Sure he got twenty years but the reality of the situation is this he walked big time. Ghailani will get out of prison in five years. He just got away with murder.

What will stop his lawyers from asking for a re trial?

They will ask this verdict to be overturned.

We just opened a can of worms.

This is exactly what Prez Obama and his merry band of destroyers want to happen.

Destroy the United States.

The message is this.

We are weak.

You win.

We lose.

I am very sad and mad as hell.

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