The Sixties Radical on The New Congress

What did I tell ya.

The latest headline from FOX news- White House Warns Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Would Mean Economic ‘Crisis’s

I have a great idea. Let’s spend more money that we don’t have. This will stop the problem. Not in this lifetime.

 Top White House advisor Austin Goolsbee told ABC News this on Sunday January 2nd

This is not a game,” Goolsbee said on ABC’s “This Week.” “If we hit the debt ceiling, that’s essentially defaulting on our obligations, which is totally unprecedented in American history.

“The impact on the economy would be catastrophic. I mean, that would be a worse financial economic crisis than anything we saw in 2008,” Goolsbee said. “I don’t see why anybody’s talking about playing chicken with the debt ceiling.” 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

 Prez Obama and his minions are force-feeding us down the road to Socialism.

This is the sad truth.

 Prez Obama is smart. He is not a dummy. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He wants to change this country from people centered to Government centered.

 I have to keep hammering this point- The God of Obama, the Dems, the Left, the state run media, and the Rhino Republicans is God of government.

The new saying is Government knows best.

 Newly elected Senator from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey said this- said he wouldn’t vote for the increase unless he sees “substantive progress” on spending cuts. He said Congress should approach the debt limit by holding votes periodically for small increases and extracting a “major concession” on spending cuts every time. 

 Lindsey Graham-South Carolina Senator- said on “Meet the Press” that he would not vote for the increase until he sees a plan to deal with long-term debt reduction — including a plan that addresses Social Security and a commitment to return to 2008 spending levels. 

 This is all fine and dandy but Graham has a habit of voting with Dems. This is his track record over the past years.

 Words are fine but it all comes down to action.

 Talk is cheap.

 Word on the forced state health care is promising.

 Read this Headline from Fox News-

Top House Republican Predicts ‘Significant’ Bipartisan Support for Health Care Law Repeal.

A top House Republican said Sunday that he expects “significant” bipartisan support for a proposed repeal of the health care overhaul — a vote he said would be held before President Obama’s State of the Union address. would not go so far as to say Congress can muster enough votes to would not go so override a presidential veto. But he predicted Republican leaders  “be that far off” from the two-thirds majority necessary to do so. 

The head of the House Energy and Commerce committee Fred Upton- Michigan said this “Watch what happens,” Upton said on “Fox News Sunday.” “There will be a significant number of Democrats, I think, that will join us.” 

 All quotes and headlines taken from FOX News.

 Yet, upon further inspection these clowns are hedging their votes. Key words like not so far as to say are the key words to the entire sentence.

I hope this is not politics as usual. The names and the party changes but the results are the same.


 I wish these lawmakers would read the Constitution. I dare anyone point out to me where in the Constitution it is written that government can force “We, The People” to buy goods and services.

 Our Founding Fathers wrote these words-

 It is the right as well as the duty of all men in society, publicly and at stated seasons, to worship the Supreme Being, the great Creator and Preserver of the universe. And no subject shall be hurt, molested, or restrained in his person, liberty, or estate, for worshipping God in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience; or for his religion profession of sentiments; provided he doth not disturb the public peace, or obstruct others in their religious worship….

Massachusetts Bill of Rights, Part the First, 1780

 It yet remains a problem to be solved in human affairs, whether any free government can be permanent, where the public worship of God, and the support of religion, constitute no part of the policy or duty of the state in any assignable shape. The future experience of Christendom, and chiefly of the American states, must settle this problem, as yet new in the history of the world, abundant, as it has been, in experiments in the theory of government.

Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

 Since private and publick Vices, are in Reality, though not always apparently, so nearly connected, of how much Importance, how necessary is it, that the utmost Pains be taken by the Publick, to have the Principles of Virtue early inculcated on the Minds even of children, and the moral Sense kept alive, and that the wise institutions of our Ancestors for these great Purposes be encouraged by the Government. For no people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffusd and Virtue is preservd. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauchd in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.

Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, November 4, 1775

The pyramid of government-and a republican government may well receive that beautiful and solid form-should be raised to a dignified altitude: but its foundations must, of consequence, be broad, and strong, and deep. The authority, the interests, and the affections of the people at large are the only foundation, on which a superstructure proposed to be at once durable and magnificent, can be rationally erected.

James Wilson

Please take these words to heart. Once we give up our freedom, we will never get it

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