The Sixties Radical

It is always the same old crap day in and day out with the state run media. How many ways can they try and destroy conservatives. It is endless yet if one close examines the exact nature of the attacks it is the same old garbage.

Rush Limbaugh as a very good point. If you want to find out who the Dems, the Libs, and the state run media are afraid of look who they attack.

Sarah Palin is the name that jumps to the forefront.

This lady scares the crap outta them.

Many on the Republican side of the isle are afraid of her too.

I spent some time in Rogers, Arkansas and many of the so-called Republicans don’t want anything to do with her.

One of the prominent business men said, “Palin is not the future of the Republican Party.”

One person in particle was so upset when John McCain choose her as his running mate this person-spent months attacking Palin on the radio station he owned.

Actually it was years.

When Palin supposedly endorsed the opposition in the Republican primary this so-called pillar of the community went completely nuttier.

These attacks only stopped when his son successfully ran for congress and won the seat held by former congressmen John Boozmen.

Boozmen beat Blanc Lincoln in the Arkansas Senate race.

Like father like son I guess.

This brings me to my point.

If Republicans don’t start standing up and fighting back people like me will find someone who will fight back.

I wrote the first of January the Dems, the Libs, the Prez, and the state run media would attack like never before.

The have.

Except it is only worse.

The new tone is for the conservatives to bend over and take up the you know what.

Not on this day.

For it is a new day.

With people like Sarah Palin leading the charge the conservative voice will not shut up.

I haven’t mentioned Rush nor Sean Hannity, Mark Levin or Laura Ingraham because these folks are not running for office.

They are the light of freedom that rings loudly on the radio, print, and TV.

This light will forever shine brightly because a group of investors took a chance and gave a little know DJ and talk radio host out of Sacramento a shot at a national radio show back in 1988.

The consensus by the idiot pundits were this will never work from noon-three Eastern Standard Time.

AM was dead.

Only nighttime works.

Who would listen to a conservative during the day time let alone the nighttime on AM radio.

Wrong again Bozo.

Rush’s show paved the way for conservative talk radio, Fox News, and the take over of the AM airwaves by conservatives.

Many will never understand what I am about to say.

The God of the Bible put Rush on the radio not man.

Only God can take Rush out.

Once the God of the Bible opens a door, man can never close it.

If you doubt me read the bible.

God is always full of surprises.

The Lord chooses the most unlikely people to do his work.

Think about Moses, David, and Noah.

If one examines their lives these men were not the most likely to succeed.

I am not comparing Rush with these men but what I am saying is that the Lord opened this door for He knew we needed to have our voice heard.

It is now heard all over the world.


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