The Sixties Radical on Egypt

The red herring in the Egyptian unrest is this. Obama and his minions in the press are stating that the Egyptian President Mubarak must step down and turn the control of the country over- to whom? This is the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

The answer is  Hamas, Iran, Al Qaeda, and The Muslim Brotherhood.

These folks want control of Egypt so they can destroy Israel.

With control of Egypt, Israel will lose another ally.

Hamas, Iran and the other Muslims will in effect cut Israel off from the rest of the world.

These events are laid out in the bible.

Read Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelations.

To give you a short history lesson, Egypt was once the homeland of the Jews. Joseph was sold to Egypt. Joseph was a slave and he rose to become the second most powerful man in Egypt.

Read Genesis and Exodus.

Even Jesus spent his first twelve years living in exile in Egypt before returning to Jerusalem.

Israel and Egypt goes back almost four thousand years.

This unrest in Egypt is planned.

It is well-orchestrated revolution by Hamas, Iran, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Obama knows this and this is why he pushing for Mubarak to step aside and let the Israel hating groups take over.

Read these statements by; These quotes are taken from Fox News- In his speech, Khamenei accused Mubarak of turning Egypt, a close U.S. ally, of doing America’s bidding, particularly in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel and Mubarak has been a key mediator between Israel and the Palestinians.

“America’s control over Egypt’s leaders has … turned Egypt into the biggest enemy ofr Palestine and turned it into the greatest refuge for Zionists,” Khamenei said.

“This explosion we see among the people of Egypt is the appropriate response to this great betrayal that the traitor dictator committed against his people,” Khamenei said, without mentioning Mubarak by name.”

The truth will come. And when it does you will see that this unrest and revolution was a well planned out take over of Egypt by Hamas, Al Qaeda, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yet, these evil forces fail to recognize that the God of the Bible will protect Israel from her enemies.

The enemies of Israel will be destroyed.

Here is some food for thought how much of these unrest was sparked by the rise in food prices caused by the reduction in farm production caused by Obama’s Marxist policies?

While the Egyptian unrest is the top news story how many people have noticed that the Obama administration is proceeding with Obama care after a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.

How people have noticed that the economy is still in the shits.

How many people have noticed that the real unemployment figures are almost 19% not the reported 9% by the state run media.

The State of Lie is alive and well.

God help us for we need it.

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