The Sixties Radical on Wisconsin and The Middle East

The left is at it again. The Prez and his sycophants in the media are playing the poor me we are just like common folks card in an attempt to convince us that the union thugs are looking out for the state workers best interest when in fact if they succeed in stopping Wisconsin governor Scott Walker from implementing the needed changes to keep the state afloat this will in effect cause more than 1500 state workers to be canned.

This is liberalism at work.

Does GM or Chrysler ring a familiar note?

Government take over and guess what folks the damage will kill the state of Wisconsin.

Do the Libs, The Prez, and the union thugs care?

Hell no.

It is time to pay to the piper for all the excess spending the states, the unions, and the feds have been doing for all these years.

What part of broke don’t they get?

This is time for us to pay to the piper.

This is a sad but a cold hard reality check.


Coming to your city next, the union thugs will arrive in Columbus Ohio, and then Tennessee.

The Union thugs, Prez Obama, and the media ginned all this up.

The Dems and the left are fake.

Nothing is real.

It is all made up.

You can make book on it.

The Middle East is a blaze with revolution.

This is all part of we planned orchestrated effort by Iran, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Russia to attack Israel.

Yes, this is true.

Why do you think Iran is sending warships through the Suez Canal?

For Iran’s health, I doubt it.

This is war baby.

This is all laid out in the Bible.

Read Ezekiel and Revelations.

The Middle East is blowing up.

The world will know that I am the Lord thy God.

This is written in the Bible.

I am not kidding.

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