The Sixties Radical and Monday

The Left doesn’t get it. They never will. The Prez, the Left, and the state run media use this same mantra over and over again Tax Cuts are to blame for the problems we are in yet when tax cuts are all said and done why is it that tax cuts cause the state as well as federal coffers to grow by leaps and bounds.

Please explain this to me for I don’t get it.

Spending is out of control yet the Dems never look at this.

The federal government can’t do without.

The left view all money as theirs.

Please tell how does government make money.

One simple word Taxes.

That’s it.

Wisconsin is latest in a long line of states that are in the shits do to not having money.

New Jersey was one.

California is another.

New Mexico can be added to the list.

Scott Walker will be now forced to can twelve thousand state workers.

Good move Dems.

Good move unions.

You did this with the steel companies, the car companies, and now the states.

The straw dog is that all police and firefighters will not work.


What state unions do is that pit tax playing citizens against citizens.

This cycle is never ending.

Maybe it’s time we take the bull by horns and make deep cuts in spending.

The other straw dog argument is that government will be shut down.

Not in this lifetime.

The Prez still works.

DMV still works.

Federal courts still work.

What part of government doesn’t work?

This is kinda rambling today.

 I haven’t even touched on the Prez and his two faced arguments about how he wants Qaddafi outta Libyan yet Obama said nada about the protests in Iran.

What gives here?

Obama to Egypt Pres Mubarak get out.

Israel get out and don’t defend yourself but it is okay for Iran Prez to stay in power.

This doesn’t make any sense.

This is it for Monday.

One thought on “The Sixties Radical and Monday”

  1. [why is it that tax cuts cause the state as well as federal coffers to grow by leaps and bounds.]

    Why is it you right-wingers continue to repeat that lie? Most of the national debt is the result of Reagan’s and Bush’s tax cuts. When you cut taxes without reducing spending, it results in deficits. Republicans can’t name any major programs they’re willing to cut, so yes, tax cuts caused the debt. Increased defense spending added to it.

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