The Sixties Radical on The Country

I don’t get these people. Both Dems and the Republicans were sent a very clear message by “We The People” on November 2nd. It is a very simple message. Stop spending money you don’t have and stop Obama care.

This stuff makes me sick. I just wanna puke.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now playing Monty Hall and lets make a deal.

This is nuts.

What part of “Broke” don’t he and the Dems understand?

I for one am tired of taking in the shorts by both parties.

Who is representing us the taxpayers?

It sure is hell isn’t the governor or any other state official.

This is taxation without representation.

The Prez, Scott Walker, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelsoi, John McCain ad nausea talk outta both sides of their collective mouths.

Straight express my rear end.

The only people who tell it like it really is- Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Bachmann.

That’s it folks.

I for one can’t see how these people can live with themselves.

They know they are lying.

We know they are lying yet Reid, Prez Obama, McCain, Mitch McConnell etal continue to spew the same old B.S.

When they look into the mirror in a private moment what do they see?

I for one couldn’t live this way.  

I would have taken a gun to my head a long time ago.

My folks, my rabbi, my minister and the Bible taught me the truth.

What part of thou shall not lie don’t Reid, Pelsoi, Obama, McCain, McConnell and the rest don’t get.

What part of thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor don’t these folks get?

This is called morals.

Try reading the Bible.

If George Washington were hounded by the press of today how would he be reported?

Washington would be branded a right wing nut job.

A Christian nut job.

A praying fool.

He would be run outta town on a rope.

The same for John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, James Madison, and Doctor Benjamin Rush.

Need I say more?

This nation is broke.

Period, end of discussion.

The Political class needs to stop lying through their teeth.

We know you are lying.

If you cut 100 billion from a three trillion dollar budget this is like instead of spending two grand you spend 1,999.99 cents.

This won’t even make a dent in the government red ink.

Make real cuts.

We are tired of taking it in the shorts.

We don’t have two years.

The time for action is now.

The nations welfare hangs in the balance.

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