The Sixties Radical on Scott Walker

Finally Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his GOP counter parts showed a set of balls and passed a bill that will save the State of Wisconsin from the poor house.

Fox News reported that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker blinked. It was reported he was willing to compromise on union demands.

I have a sense the hard working private sector folks like me were mad as hell and let their thoughts be known to the governor and their state representatives.

There must have been an up rising by the taxpayers.

In heat of the argument the money measures were stripped out of the bill.

Way to go garoto.

This has paved the way to make the state of Wisconsin solvent again.

The usual suspects are howling mad that the GOP did an end run around them. In the end this will save the state of Wisconsin and save state workers their jobs.

What part of “BROKE” don’t these people get.

The chicken shit Dems ran from the state financed by their union buddies in an attempt to force on us the taxpayers carrying the bill for their healthcare and everything else from womb to tomb.

The dirty little secret is this the state union representing government workers get money automatically taken out of all of all state workers checks and deposited into the union coffers.

When this practice stops the state unions will lose their golden goose the government trough.

This is the real story.

Finally Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his GOP buds do the right thing.

They stood up to the union thugs hired by the Dems to force us the taxpayer to pay for their slush funds.

This is the real fact.

Guess what guys we are on to you and your games.

One final parting shot, what is real with the Dems?

They hire thugs to come in from all across the United States to protest in Wisconsin and others states.

Mob rule.

This will be coming to your state and town next America.

Beware Mob rule is what the Dems are all about.

When the going gets tough the Dems spilt and hire a Mob to do their bidding.

One more thought-stop paying the Democrat Senators and strip them of their credit cards.  Fire their asses now!

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