The Sixties Radical on Democrats and Union Thugs

How does the Libs, the state run media, and all the rest live with themselves.  How many times will the media run a headline like this- Wisconsin Strips Public Workers Rights in Blow to Unions (taken from Fox News)

This is pure BS.

I keep on harping on this one simple fact- What part of “BROKE” don’t the state run media, state union thugs, The Prez, the Dems, the Republicans, and the rest understand.

This is insanity.

It is we the taxpayers that are left holding the bag.

Who is representing us the taxpayer?

It sure isn’t the union thugs or the mayors or the governors or State or U.S. Senators or Congress.

This is the state negotiating with itself.

In the private sector it is the worker  negotiating with management.

This is pure socialism at work.

Or better yet Marxism, Fascism.

This is a blatant attempt to turn this country depend upon the government and give control of our lives over to the state and federal governments.

It is all about Mob Rule.

The Democrats equal Mob Rule.

Your union thugs, Dem thugs, socialist thugs, and Marxist thugs at work in an attempt to bully us “We The People” into accepting their collective wants and needs.

It is screw you baby.

Our way or we will destroy you.

These people are evil.

Here is a little diddy from  The Heritage Foundation on Wisconsin-  taken from The Morning Bell. Please read this very carefully.

Senate Democrats, who are still hiding in Illinois, are now claiming that the majority’s committee meeting that broke up the budget-repair bill violated Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law. But the Open Meeting Compliance Guide clearly states that when there is “good cause,” only two hours’ notice is required. The Senate majority did provide the two hours’ notice. If the Senate Democrats’ 19-day refusal to show up for work wasn’t “good cause” enough, certainly minimizing the opportunity for union mob violence is.

The passion coming from liberal activists is understandable only if one believes in their apocalyptic rhetoric. Democratic Senator Timothy Cullen said the bill will “destroy public unions.” And Senator Chris Larson has said, “collective bargaining is a civil right” that if removed will “kill the middle class.” This is all false. First of all, since unions care more about seniority than good government, public-sector unions kill middle-class jobs; they do not protect them. Second, collective bargaining is not a right. And finally, Walker’s bill will in no way “destroy public unions.” Government unions are still perfectly free to practice their First Amendment rights to freedom of association, and in fact still retain more bargaining power than all unionized federal employees. They only difference is that now they will have to actively recruit members instead of forcing government employees to join them, and they will have to collect their own dues instead of getting the state government to take them directly out of workers’ paychecks. And there are many more benefits as well.

In the end it is “WE THE TAXPAYER who gets stuck footing the bell. We are the ones who are getting screwed.

We have no one negotiating for us.

This is a sad but true fact.

It is no longer government for the people and by the people but government shall dictate to the people.

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