The Sixties Radical on The Japan Earthquake

I will never trust or believe what I read or see or hear from The New York times, LA Times, MSNBC, CNN, Headline News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Associated Press. They will always report the story from the view of their template.

The template from the Japan earthquake is that nuclear power is killing people. They want suggest that Japans nuclear power plants are killing more people than the earthquake.

This could be further from the truth yet here are headlines reported on Fox News by The Associated Press- STRICKEN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IS ROCKED BY SECOND BLASTED.

Yet when one further reads into the story actually it is buried near the bottom of the story that the radiation levels are below the accepted norm.

This is the China syndrome all over again. Yet, this was a made up Hollywood story.

The cover up and all of that were made up.

Russia did have their Chernobyl.

Three mile Island.

The state run media uses selective facts to make their point.

The left never uses all the facts.

Try Global Warming for example.

Totally bogus.

Nuclear power is a great source of power yet the left and the state run media are dead set against it.

Here is a diddy from the Heritage Foundation that needs to be read- Here are some excerpts from the Heritage Foundation- The true scope of the devastation in Japan caused by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami are still unknown. While the official death toll has surpassed 1,000, the police chief of the Miyagi Prefecture said Sunday there is “no question” that at least 10,000 people have died in just his region alone. Japan has mobilized 100,000 troops for rescue missions, and at least three U.S. Navy ships of the USS Ronald Reagan strike group are assisting in relief efforts. Yet, despite the gravity of the situation, some on the left in this country are already politicizing the disaster to score points against the nuclear power industry.

Representative Edward Markey (D–MA) released a statement Saturday comparing the current situation in Japan to Chernobyl and called on the Obama Administration to impose a moratorium on all new nuclear reactors. What is happening in Japan right now is nothing like Chernobyl, and imposing a moratorium on the nuclear industry would be as big a policy blunder as the Obama Administration’s offshore drilling moratorium after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. 

Yes, there is still some danger but the left wants you to believe that nuclear power is bad and they will use this in an attempt to stop drilling for oil and using nuclear power in this country.

  • Here is what the Heritage Foundation has concluded- The low levels of radiation currently being released will likely have no biological or environmental impact. Humans are constantly exposed to background radiation that likely exceeds that being released.
  • The Chernobyl disaster was caused by an inherent design problem and communist operator error that is not present at any of the nuclear plants in Japan.
  • There were no health impacts from any of the radiation exposure at Three Mile Island.
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission does not need to regulate more in response to this. It already regulates enough.
  • The plant in trouble in Japan is over 40 years old. Today’s designs are far more advanced.
  • No one has ever been injured, much less killed, as a result of commercial nuclear power in the U.S.

Please go to the Heritage Foundation and sign up for their morning bell if you want to get the real truth on what is going on in this country.

If not then listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, or Mark Levin.

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