The Sixties Radical on The Stop Gap Budget

I am pissed as hell. I am madder than a hornet. I have had it with the Republican Party. They will never get my vote again. No, I am not going for vote for the Dems.

I don’t know what is worse having no morals, core beliefs, or having them and burying them and going against them.

This is what House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor and the rest of the Republicans did. They are a bunch of chicken shit wimps who have played right into the Democrat hands.

These brave men of honor have thrown their morals and core beliefs out the window because they are scared to stand up to the Dems, the Libs, the state run media, and The Prez.

We elected the new members to House and Senate to do two things stop Obama care and stop spending money.

It wasn’t what you Republicans stand for.

The Tea Party does not have a leader.

It was not formed in Washington DC.

It was formed out of what happened in 2006 when the Dems took control of the House and Senate and then again, when The Messiah Obama was elected in 2008.

The Dems had bulletproof majorities yet we didn’t give up.

We took the bull by the horns and fought back in a legal and sane way.

We are not like the Dem thugs, union thugs, the Left, and those who stormed the state Capital of Madison, Wisconsin and trashed the place.

We will trash you the Republican Party at the ballot box.

John Boehner you are toast.

Eric Cantor you are toast.

Republican Party you are toast.

It is time to form a third party.

People like me won’t call your office to complain.

I will write about you.

Talk about you with my friends.

We will stop giving you money.

My money will now go to some one who will stand up and fight for America instead of selling this country out for a bowl of porridge.

This is not about the fringes.

It is not about six million here ten million there.

This is what the Dems want you to do.




It is time for action.

This is why you John Boehner are the Speaker of the House.

Why do you think the Dems have not written or submitted a budget.

They knew you guys wouldn’t act.

This is a game of chicken.

Yet, the stakes of this game are a matter of life and death of the United States of America.

Let’s look at the numbers.

We are fourteen trillion in debt.

Six million in reduction is like pissing in the wind.

I have a novel idea shut the government down.

Hey John Boehner, you have the numbers.

You and your silly mates were elected with landslide numbers so act like it and govern.

To use an Obama phrase- I won you lost so deal with it.

We will take our country back.

We the people are tired of this bull crap.

Maybe in the end you really don’t want to end Obama care.

These are my thoughts on this fine Tuesday.

More to come.

One final note I am tired of taking it in the shorts by both the Republicans and the Democrats.

You have been warned.


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