The Sixties Radical on The Prez and Israel

While President is off to South America the world is going to hell in hand basket. His evil minions are taking care of the problems here and in the Middle East.


If George W. Bush did this the state run media would be pissing a hizzy fit.

They would rake him all over the coals.

Not the Messiah Obama.

He is given a free pass for Obama is the chosen one.

Obama and Nero are one in the same. Nero burnt Rome to the ground and fiddled. Obama is burning the U.S. to the ground but instead of fiddling he is taking a well-deserved vacation.

Look Gadhafi is evil.

He needs to be taken out however what will replace him?

This happened when the Shaw of Iran was taken down and look what happened in Iran.

Do we need a repeat of this?

I think not.

This goes deeper than that.

Iran is backing the rebels in Libya, Egypt and Yemen to take these leaders down and return them back into the Caliphate fold.

Russia is supplying the arms.

Then Israel will be surrounded by Muslims and the attack on the Jews and nation of Israel will begin for real to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.

This is a real fact.

This about good verse evil.

Israel is in grave danger.

During the past week Israel was recipient of missiles launched from Lebanon.

Our nation is in grave danger.

We are being attacked from with in and from outside our borders.

Liberalism kills.

This is all part of the plan by the Marxist evil Obama.

Yes, Obama is evil.

The Devil has elements of truth in what he says but in the end it used as a weapon to destroy good.

Yes, we need to get our spending and morals in line but what really needs to be done is return our country back to the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible prophesied the nations of the world would attack Israel.

This is happening now.