The Sixties Radical

The state run media is singing the praises of Obama and his handling of the Libya situation. Yet, this praise doesn’t pass the smell or see test.

First of all we have found out the Egyptian Military and the Muslim Brotherhood were in cahoots to kick Mubarak outta office. They brokered a deal to get him outta of the way in exchange to set up the election so that the Muslim Brotherhood would have the inside track.

Egypt is one of the lynch pins in Iran’s, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to seal off Israel.

Libya is the next key in this plan of attack. Al Qaeda backs the Libyan rebels. The arms are supplied by Russia.

The next to fall will be Yemen.

In the end the United States and Al Qaeda are on the same side fighting to kick Qaddafi outta of Libya.

Yes, Qaddafi is a bad man.

He is evil.

Yet, the USA is on the side of terrorists who want to wipe off the face of the earth the Jews.

One more piece of the puzzle is this Israel is now being bombarded with rockets from Gaza.

The attacks on Israel will increase.

The real object of all of this fighting is to surround Israel.

When this happens all the nations in the Middle East and the world will attack Israel.

You can make book on it.

Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Syria have gotten away from Sharia Law and the Caliphate.

The truth hurts.

The truth shall set you free.

The Jews are on the top every Communist, Fascist, Leftist, Liberal, Environmentalist’s, Socialist’s, and anti- semantic hit list.

All the evil forces of the world will always join forces to wipe my people out.

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