The Sixties Radical

Once again my God given instincts are proved correct once again. The truth will always come out once you seek it.

The real reason we are in Libya.


England and France are dependent on Libyan oil. This is the sole reason these two nations are bombing the crap out of Libya and supporting the Al Qaeda led rebels.

If France and England lose these vital oil fields their collective nations will be in the shits.

Yet, this is a two-fold operation. The United States is supplying the rebels with arms but here is the real kicker these are the same rebels that attacked and killed our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh what a world this is.

In last nights speech by the Prez Obama he said he is considering providing arms to the rebels.

Heck we are already doing this.

This is not about liberating the people. It is about providing cover for England and France so these countries can protect their oil supply while at the same time giving Iran and their evil minions the opportunity to take over the secular countries of Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

It is all about Israel.

The United Nations, England, France, and the USA are anti Semitic and want Israel destroyed.

This is Bible prophecy come true.

 The United States is in grave danger.

Prez Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Obama is evil.

He is leading this nation straight to hell.

Look at what he is doing.

Obama care.

Out of control spending.

The wanton disregard of the law and the Constitution.

The list can go on forever.

We are on the wrong side of this fight.

If you want to free the people fight Iran and Syria.

It is all about Sharia law and the destruction of Israel and the killing of all the Jews on the face of the earth.

History is repeating itself.

We as a people need to wake up.

It is time for all the Jews in America to take a stand and fight Obama.

Please my fellow Jews read your Torah.

Christians read your Bible.

Trust me on this


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