The Sixties Radical on The Blame Game

The blame goes round and round as the nation nears what the media, the Prez, and Congress call a government shut down. Yet, this is so far from the truth that this makes false look right.

The real truth is that the government won’t shut down.

The only people who are affected by this budget battle are non-government employees and services.

Give me a freakin break, government employees are more important that private sector employees. If we the private sector is shut down the precious God of government won’t have us to pay for their follies.

The real blame for this mess is the Prez, The Dems, and yes, the Republicans.

Last year Nancy Pelosi and her super majority ran the House. These clowns and idiots failed to pass a budget.

How can that be?

The Dems out numbered the Republicans two to one but not a budget was passed.

Only a continuing resolution to keep the government running was passed by these idiots.

Buried deep into the resolution was a rider to fund Obama Care.

Oh, yes, I forgot the Tarp bailout passed to pay off the state and federal unions, The AFL-CIO, Banks, Government run motors, and General Electric.

The biggest slush fund in history was given out to make sure the Democrat party stays in power and money forever.

Yet, these clowns forgot us the common folk who formed the Tea Party and took control of Congress in January 2011.

Now, Harry Reid, the Prez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck You Schumer, and the rest of the state run media now are instructed to blame the Tea Party for all the nations problems.

Let’s get real.

Prez Obama has spent three trillion dollars in his first two years in office.

Now he has the balls to demand a budget when in fact Obama and his party are to blame for the mess we are in now.

The Republicans spent money like a bunch of drunken sailors too.

Right now the Constitution is a worth less piece of paper.

Both parties are re writing the constitution to fit their very needs.

If you can’t win at the ballot box then find judges who will re write law or make up law to suit whatever your needs are.

Does Wisconsin strike a familiar note?

Only Rep Paul Ryan has a set of balls to write a real budget that will address the nations problems head on.

Ryan said the Dems will demonize his budget.

This is exactly what is happening.

Ryan said bring it on.

In football terms this is called flood the zone and force the “D” to defend everything.

The sad fact is that we are broke.

If these people get their way the nation is doomed.

What part of thou shall not steal doesn’t the Dems, state and federal workers, state and federal unions get.

You expect me and millions of people like me pay for your job and healthcare  house, food, and clothing.

I work for my money.

I work for a private sector company.

I have worked in the private sector all my life.

I am tired of paying for Harry Reid’s Nancy Pelosi, Chuck You Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat, and Republican parties pay offs to their supporters.

The gig is up.

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