The Sixties Radical on Media Frenzy

The media frenzy and panic over the fake government shut down glosses over the problems this country is having. The real truth is this the government will not shut down. Sure, Jelly Stone Park, the museums, and God forbid some government employees will stop working.


The Dems and the Prez are playing games with our very lively hoods. Welfare recipients, the God almighty government workers, and God knows who else are more important than our military.

The Republicans passed a bill that would pay the military until the end of the year yet the Dems and The Prez are screaming bloody murder over the riders attached to the bill.

Nancy Pelosi and the evil gang attached riders to every bill they have passed.

Obama care had rider attached to a bill that kicked in millions of dollars to implement the take over the healthcare system in this country.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The Prez, and the Dems are liars.

You can’t get a straight answer if their very lives depended upon it.   

The cause of this mess is the evil Prez Obama and his merry band of Marxists.

Nancy Pelosi and her gang had control of Congress since 2007 and not a single budget was passed.


To hide the real truth of what they wanted to do.

Change this country into a Marxists nation.

The God of the government is king in Prez Obama’s and his Dem destroyer’s eyes.

The Dems are ones who want the government to shut down.


Because the Dems polling numbers indicate that the Republicans will take the hit.

The Dems are more concerned with getting their power back than leading this country in the right direction.


A real fix is needed.

No seniors will not lose their social security checks.

Medicaid and Medicare will still take care of the seniors.

Old folks will not starve.

The poor will not stop eating or driving cars or watching their color TVs.

They will still have computers and Internet service.

The poor will still have running water and electricity.

If you want to see real poor go to Brasil.

I will show you real poor folks.

The American poor are actually rich compared with the poor in Brasil.

Try Africa or the Middle East.

China tamben.

I guess in the end this is all a distraction to the Prez and the Dems.

Screw the military. Screw the people who make this country go.

In the end it is all about keeping your power, destroying the country, and turning the greatest nation on earth into a third world country run by the God of Marxism.

Hail to our leader Obama.

The God over us all.

For we will are royally screwed.

Oh I forgot the biggie killing millions of babies disquised as womens health.

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