The Sixties Radical on Bin Laden and more

Let the fun and games begin.

Bin Laden is dead.

This is big news.

How will this translate in the war being waged against this country?

Only time will tell.

Are we safer?

Not really.

Our biggest enemy is from with in.

It is the Prez, the Left, and all the liberals who want to destroy this country and make it into a socialist haven.

This is the real danger we face.

We are at the fork in the road.

If we go right we as a national go in the direction of what our founding fathers had envisioned a Constitutional Republic.

We as a people will live free and not have an intrusive government.

If we go left this will mean total state control of our lives.

The State will be the God of our lives.

This is why the 2012 election is so big.

If Obama and his evil minions win this will spell doom to the Constitution, as we know it.

We will no longer have private property rights. We will no longer be able to worship, as we want to. Gas prices, electricity, food prices and all costs pertaining to living will triple and the state will control every aspect of our life.


End of discussion.

This is great we killed Bin Laden but we must not forget we are still in great danger.

The fight is only just begun.

For the next year and half the battle for the direction in which this nation goes will take top priority.

There will be battles along the way.

The Republicans do not have the stomach to fight.

Especially with the debt ceiling fight and the 2012 Paul Ryan budget looming on the horizon.

We can’t afford to kick the ball down the road like John Boehner and his chicken shit cohorts want to do.

This is not business as usual.

We have to stand up and fight.

If we don’t we lose this country to the evil Obama and minions who want to change this country forever.

Once you give up freedom you will never get it back.

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