The Sixties Radical on The Debt Ceiling

This is getting patiently ridiculous. The Republican leadership is a one-note band. This is getting really tiring. John Boehner and his counter part in the Senate Mitch McConnell are blow hards. They talk tough. When push comes to shove these idiots Boehner and McConnell cave like a cheap suit.

Sure, let’s play Monty Hall and lets make a deal.

Let’s compromise our values and let the evil Obama and his socialist Democrat Party dictate the terms.

Boehner you have the majority in the House so act like it.

McConnell you have enough votes in the Senate to stop the Marxist Democrats dead in their tracks.

Maybe you clowns should try this idea.

Have you ever heard of a poker face?

Or in Mafia terms it is called a stone face.

You never show you’re emotions.

Hey, guys here’s a novel idea. Don’t show your full hand. Don’t show your whole card

On the table you have a pair sixes showing while your opponent has a pair of eights.

Your whole card is a six.

Your opponent is doubling down all the time.

You know they are bluffing.

You have the cards in your favour.

The dealer gives you another six while the opponent is dealt a five.

They double down again.

Instead of calling him you thrown in a winning hand.


Your opponent can read your face.

He knows you are scared and will cave like you always do.

Instead you say I raise you and call.

But no, you clowns are scared of what people will say about you.

The opponent knows this and they will double down again and again knowing that you will cave time and time again.

It is time to act like men.

Our country needs Boehner, Eric Cantor and rest of Republican leadership to stand up for our rights.

If you don’t the country is lost.

The sad fact is this we as a nation cannot afford to raise the debt ceiling. If we do this will only exacerbate the problem and in the end this will cause more harm than good.

What Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, McCain and the rest do not understand this downhill economic is directly tied to our destruction of our countries morals and values.

Read any Sociology book 101.

This is written in plain language.

After the institutions of Marriage, Family, Religion, Education, fall apart the last to go is the Economic.

This is what is happening know.

Our fore fathers knew this. This is way these men based The Constitution on sound Biblical teachings.

We The People know this.

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