The Sixties Radical

The anti-Semitic prick Obama changes his tone more than Carter has pills. The evil Obama is now telling the world that the United States will always have Israel’s back yet just a few days earlier this clown threw Israel and all Jews under the bus.

My father used to tell me you tell about a man by what he says and then by what he does.

The words that come out of a person’s mouth will show you what they have in their soul.

Obama hates Jews. He hates this country.

Look folks we have a Prez that is purposely destroying this country. Obama is transforming this great country into a third world power.

What more can I say.

Obama’s words and actions betray him.

The Bible is very clear on what will happen to nations that attack Israel. These nations will be destroyed.

You may not believe in the Bible. That is okay with me but everyone will have their day of reckoning.

I will try and convince of your folly.

But always remember no one is getting out of here alive.

Only Jesus beat the death.

Remember God’s word- Jesus is the new covenant. The only way to the father is through me (Jesus).

This will happen to all of us.

Death will get us all.

This is the day when we stand before judgment before God almighty.

Please read Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Will Obama and his throwing Israel under bus hurt him in the long run especially with the Jewish vote?

My guess is no.


Mark Levin said it best- Liberalism will trump Judaism any day of the week.

Liberalism is the new religion for many people in this country.

This has replaced Christianity and Judaism.

Liberalism in its present form can be traced back to 1960.

This has pushed the country so far left that this makes John F. Kennedy look like a conservative.

Need I say more?

Liberalism kills.

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