The Sixties Radical on Sociology 101

How many ways can you cut this to Sunday? Obama is destroying this country on purpose. Finally, some folks are beginning to see this reality. Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh are talking about this on their radio programs.

This is a sad but true fact.

Look at the actions of this evil man.

Fox News has reported than thirty percent of employers will drop health care for their employees beginning in 2012.


Health care is getting too expensive and the paper work is nuts.

The trillions spent on the so-called stimulus package has not worked.


Basic Econ 101.

This money is no more than a slush fund for the Democrat Socialist Party.

Government jobs increased however in the private sector job grow is almost at zero.

Many idiots in the media, the Democrat Socialist Party, the elite Republicans and the Left think the purpose of a company is to provide jobs.

How stupid is that.

When a person goes into to business, it is to make money.

Without making a profit guess what fools? No jobs.

Money makes the world go round.

Is this selfish?


Without a profit, an employer can’t hire folks.

The Left will argue that profits are bad.

These evil folks will try and tell an employer how much money they can make.

The Left will tell us what about Johnny or Mary who can’t afford X, Y, or Z.

They will take money from these evil corporations and give this money to the poor.

This is called stealing.

It is charity when one reaches in to his or her own pocket to give money but is stealing when a person or government reaches into another’s pocket and takes it and gives the money to another.

Our founding fathers knew that morals and values are directly related to how a society will fare economically.

This is basic Sociology 101.

A society is built upon these social institutions- family, religious, educational, and economic.

The evil Prez, the left, the Democrat Socialist Party, the elite Republicans, and the media have attacked these institutions in an attempt destroy them.

When these institutions fall, the society begins to crumble.

The last to go is the economic. 

We are seeing the results of this.

Gas prices are through the roof.

Food prices are rising.

The cost of housing is rising.

Home values are falling.

The economy is being destroyed.

In reality this is caused by the very evil people who rise up and tell us all they have a solution.

The solution is more government.

Big government is the answer to all of our problems when in fact this very solution is killing the society.

Our founding fathers based our society upon the God of the Bible not the God of government.

Our new God and religion is government instead of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The God of the Bible.

We the America people are being a sold a bill of false goods.

If we don’t wake up and stop this evil now we will die.

When good compromises with evil, evil wins.

Neville Chamberlain did this with Adolph Hitler.

England and Europe was almost destroyed.

Seven million of my ancestors were murdered.

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