The Sixties Radical on Tyranny of The Left and Obama

Our country is quickly changing into a totalitarian society. We are fast becoming a centralized government run by the evil Obama and the lap dog sycophants of the Left and The Democrat Socialist Party.

We are no longer a Constitutional Republic but a land run by lawyers and the court system.

Case in point. In California there was an election to define marriage as between a man and woman.

The leftists, the gay activists, the Democrat Socialist Party, Jerry Brown the then California Attorney General, and the California Liberals decided that the general election didn’t count. These do gooders decided that liberals know best and challenged the election results to get the results they wanted.

This was a screw you in your face reaction to what the California voters wanted.

The pro marriage definition between a man and woman won fair and square 52 to 49 percent.

You don’t know squat so the Libs took this baby to court.

They won in the seventh circus I mean seventh court of appeals.

This baby is well on the way to the California State Supreme Court.

It looks like the Libs and the Left can’t win at the ballot box so they will do every attempt to overthrown the rights and will of the people.

This is called Tyranny.

This was also tried in Wisconsin by a rogue judge who overturned a labour law  signed by the Governor Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that this judge had no right to interfere with the Legislative process.

What this judge did was make up a law to support their opinion.

This is now what is happening in this country.

Judges are now legislating from the bench.

Please show where in the Constitution judges can write and pass legislation from the bench.

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