The Sixties Radical on John Boehner Selling Out his Country to The Evil Obama

Once again the conservatives have been given the kachingas. Our own party has sold us down the river. John Boehner is a chicken shit that will do anything to stay in power.

John Boehner had the balls to lie on the Rush Limbaugh show saying that a deal has not been struck.

It may not be in writing but it is 90% done.

You sold this country out.

You have given the evil Prez a lifeline.

Yet this lifeline will kill and destroy this country.

John Boehner is the Speaker of the House because we the people voted the idiots out of office.

We didn’t elect asshole Beohner to Speaker of The House.

Your crony chicken shit Republicans did.

We are not your subjects of King Obama.

This is not a dictatorship.

This is a Constitutional Republic but we would never know it.

Look Boehner you jack ass when you threw King Obama a lifeline in essence you just destroyed our way of life.

This lie is this. The evil one, the lying sack of shit media, The Democrat Socialist Party, The sellout Republicans, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins etal are spewing that the country will default if we don’t increase the debt ceiling.

The opposite is true.

We will not default.

We have enough money coming in each month to take care of all of our obligations.

Obama will be the one who is responsible for not paying social security recipients, Military personnel etal not the Republicans.

Yet these good for nothing-chicken shits believe this lie.

When Boehner spread his lies he used the words default on our loans if we don’t increase the debt limit.

Actually these are the evil Obama’s words.

The truth is we are broke.

I am tired of all of this crap.  

John Boehner you are responsible for driving the country over the cliff.

You have given the keys to King Obama to do this.

We don’t have the money.

You can’t spend what you don’t have.

This is basic ECON 101.

Yet all common sense is thrown out the window in the name of progress.

John Boehner you have driven another nail into our countries coffin.

One further question how does one compromise with evil?

When good compromises with evil, evil wins.

We have to take our country back.





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