The Sixties Radical on Fake Conservatives and Republicans who are selling us a bill goods

The crap that passes for news these days is ridiculous. Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSLSD, CNN, and the rest wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

The Armageddon that is being hyped by these stupid idiots is worse than dumb.

Oh, my God, the USA is going to default on their loans. We won’t have the money to pay off the bondholders. Social Security Checks won’t go out. We will have to shut down government. The sky is falling down if we don’t raise the debt ceiling we are screwed.

This is pure bullshit.

First the USA payment on the debt to bond holders is 29 billion.

Guess what folks we have enough money coming in each month to play this sucker.

The Democrat Socialist Party, the evil Obama, the jackasses in the Republican Party are playing us for suckers.

They flat out think we are stupid.

John “Chicken Shit” Boehner has been playing the age-old game of playing both ends against the middle.

He says boys here’s the deal in public while in private John “ Double Talk” Boehner, the evil Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck “YOU Schumer, Joe “Bite Me” Bidden, and the rest have secretly negotiated a deal to do the bait and switch deal set forth by the back stabber Mitch “Principles My Ass McConnell.

Then the Speaker of House has the balls to say to the real conservatives in House look guys I’ll put in a non descript blank Balanced Budget Amendment in the bill to satisfy your silly asses.

The dumb rank file Republicans fell in line like sheep and voted to pass this hellhole of a bill to the Senate.

The only folks who had the balls to stand up to this monstrosity of a bill were brave 22 House members.

Chuck “YOU Schumer said it best- We can’t bribe this folks to get what we want.

Guess what truer words were never spoken.

No one in the deadbeat media picked it up.

The only media types who are standing up to these lairs in the media, the House, the Senate, the evil Obama are Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

Laura Ingraham you are political hack for the Republican Party.

Bill Crystal you are a fool who would sell his mother to keep his gig on Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer you spew out crap outta both sides of your mouth.

You are one of the wizards of stupid who are leading this country into a hell it will never return from.

You have hidden the fact you were part of the Carter administration and a speechwriter for Walter F. Mondull, I mean Mondale

Why should we believe the garbage that comes out of your filthy mouth?

Another media fool on Fox News Bob Beckel is calling The Tea Party anarchists. He is spewing this crap that we have to learn the art of compromise.

I can dig it.

How do you compromise between food and poison?


Oh that’s right Beckel is another one of those Walter Mondull, I Mondale Democrat Socialist Party hacks.

Dude, you are a Typhoid Mary. The shit you pedal doesn’t kill you it kills us.

George Will is another one of those sycophant media types também.

Will writes his BS for the National Review and the Washington Post writers group.

Except this fool has defended the evil Obama.

Will views us as cretins também.

I love folks who talk out of both sides of their mouth.

I am glad you weren’t around when the Revolutionary War was taking place.

Will would sell us out too.

You see the fools the only reason John “Chicken Shit, Lets Cut a Deal “ Boehner is Speaker of the House is the result of cretins like me. 

That’s what you really think of folks who are law abiding citizens who believe in the God of the Bible and the Constitution.

So we’ll tell you what wizards of stupid blow it out your collective butts.

We The People know the dirty little secrets you have.

The base line budget still has in it stimulus money disguised as a slush fund for the Democrat Socialist party.

Look the truth is this nation cannot continue on this path.

If we do our destruction is eminent.

This is the truth.

It is not a matter years but months.

Put together a real bill.

We have to have Cut, Cap, and Balance.

Make real cuts.

In the real world if this garbage you pedal as a budget you clowns would get thrown in jail or fired a long time ago.

I would rather deal with a Gonif.

At least dealing with a thief you know what you get,

With butt holes like you who knows.

If you don’t know the tern look it up a good Yiddish Dictionary.

Guess what here is the real kicker the evil Obama will invoke the 14th amendment to get the money he wants to spend.

This evil man has wanton and total disregard for the Constitution.

Obama is our King and we are the servants.

It comes down to this.

The evil Prez Obama, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, The entire sycophant media, the Democrat Socialist Party, The Elitist Republican Party all lie.

We know it.

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