The Sixties Radical-Christians are Killing This Country

I am at my wits end. Obama and his evil minions are spewing the same crap day in and day out. Now the lame stream state run media have recently done a poll that the American people blame George W. Bush for all of our economic woes.

This is pure bull crap.

The evil Obama has been the President going on four years and George W. Bush has caused all the high unemployment, the fourteen trillion dollar debt, the death of the housing market, high gas prices, through the roof food prices, high taxes, Obama care and all the rest on what freakin planet do you live on?

This is pure stupidity.

This makes as much sense as a fart in church or a screen door on a submarine.

At some point all the fingers have to point to the evil Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the idiots who bought all the lies about this stimulus package and debt increase hook line and sinker.

After delving into the poll taken by Associated Press and GFK no wonder the results are what they are.

This is another one of those cover ass polls taken to protect the evil one.

If this were true then why is Obama’s approval rating at 38%.

This is purely bogus reporting and polling by the agencies in this country.

They are all in the tank for the evil Obama.

This is all done to save the golden child from the realities of his Marxists ways.

Look folks, we are inching closely to losing our freedom.

The laws of the land mean nothing to Obama and his card carrying Democrat Socialist Party.

This is not the Democrat Party of JFK or Harry Truman.

This is a purely totalitarian party that wants total control of this country and its people.

Slipping through the cracks we have California illegals led by the Christian idiot Jim Tolle from Van Nuys CA, the Spanish Speaking Church that is part of The Church On The Way and those of his Christian ministers who are using the word of God to destroy this country by forcing us to pay for their educations, children and food. Once this is accomplished these illegals will have citizenship through the back door.

Can you say amnesty.

The reality is this. The Democrat Socialist Party wants all the illegals to vote in the next election to insure Obama wins another term.

This is all part of the diabolical plans to make sure California, Texas and Florida all become Democrat Socialist states so that conservatives will never win another election and this country will become a Marxists state forever.

If this happens we are doomed.   

This is what fools like Jim Tolle will never understand. They have built their churches on the illegal population.

Tolle and the rest have failed to see the consequences of their actions.

The illegals have driven jobs and people from the state of California because it is too expensive to do business in this state because of the illegals and high taxes.

The Church On The Way is hurting because of this bull crap.

You see when you don’t make people learn English you are creating a dependency class.

This keeps these people from learing and reading what America is all about.

America is not about illegals. Folks America is about keeping our freedon all it’s citizens.

The key word in this statement is illegal.  

What part of illegal don’t you understand.

We are nation of laws.

Secure the border is the first step.

The without borders crowd are sending this country to hell in a hand basket.

The head leaders are so called men of God- Jim Tolle I hope you can sleep at night.

Pleas don’t tell me this is the Christian thing to or this is what Jesus would do.

Jesus would willing break the law and destroy a society in His name.

I don’t think so.

We are giving away our heritage and country in the name of God and progress.

I don’t want any part of this bogus Christian bull crap.

Stop using the Bible as a weapon to destroy this country.

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