The Sixties Radcial- The Left and Their Real Agenda

This bullshit needs to stop. If isn’t granting rights to illegals it is the federal government telling us what kind of cars we can drive all the way to how much water when can use. Now this has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Now the federal government is now telling us what we can eat and can’t eat.  The federal government is now in control of what food ads that can appear on TV and Radio commercials.

This is the latest from the White House. The IWG- Interagency Working Group is now in the process of censoring what food ads can appear on the airwaves.

This group that no one has heard of and that are flying under the radar was formed in 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act.

These Marxists were given money to study childhood obesity and offer solutions to this problem.

My question to any one is this.

Is this any of your Damn Business.


Please show me where this bull crap is written in the Constitution?

I know it is written in the white parts of the Constitution for it isn’t sure as hell written in the written word.

Yet, the evil Obama and his Democrat Socialist Party want to control our lives from womb to tomb.

How the hell did we get along without this agency?

The Heritage Foundation’s Diane Katz explained it this way-

The restrictions are voluntary in name only. Food manufacturers can hardly ignore “recommendations” from the very federal agencies that exercise regulatory authority over their every move. It is akin to a cop asking for ID or to search one’s vehicle: While the law treats such citizen cooperation as voluntary, most individuals would not view it as such, nor would the police look kindly on anyone who denies their requests.

This is not just about Twinkies and all that crap this about taking away our freedoms.

This is about tyranny.

Mark Levin sounded the warning bells about this in his book Liberty and Tyranny.

I suggest you read it.

Also read Rush Limbaugh’s book- The Way Things Ought To Be.

The sad fact is this. These evil people are in the process of destroying our basic free enterprise system and this in turn will effect our private property rights and in the end we will lose our freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution.

Katz further wrote- “Nutritional staples such as Cheerios, peanut butter, and yogurt are verboten under the proposed standards, which effectively constitute a government-regulated grocery list.”

Katz further wrote- children have seen about 50 percent less food advertising in the last six years than before that time—yet obesity rates continue to climb. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan attributes the obesity problem to “physical inactivity”—not caloric intake. In fact, McClellan noted that children’s calorie intake has remained about the same for the last 20 years.

Christopher Fraleigh said this – A turkey sandwich made with Sara Lee fat-free lean turkey meat, we would not be able to advertise that on venues, be it the Superbowl or anything that would have a significant child audience, because the product is a little bit too high in sodium…. Current regulation of advertising toward children is a perfect example of regulation that just goes way too far.

This another reason why we have to stop these evil people dead in their tracks.

The evil Obama and the rest of his evil cohorts are hell bent on destroying this country and turning it into a Marxist State.

Our very lives are on the line.

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