The Sixties Radical- The Dumb Assed Media- Seek and Destroy a Black Man Instead of Talking About Our Real Problems

Once again the news coming out of Israel is being ignored by the state run media. My people are in process of protecting themselves from the aggressor Iran back by Russia.

No one wants to listen to me.

Russia is supplying Iran with the technology and parts to build a nuclear bomb.

On the southern front Israel has been under constant attack from Hamas through Egypt.

These folks are using weapons taken from the Egyptian army.

All of this has taken place since January 2011.

Libya was the last to fall into the hands of caliphate.

All of Libya’s weapons of mass destruction – ie chemical weapons are now missing.

No shit Sherlock.

This is what this whole mess is about.

Kill Gaddafi and then return Libya to the Muslim fold.

Now Libya will institute Sharia Law.

Another one bites the dust.

Syria is next on the hit list.

Once all of the Middle East is back to its Muslim roots then this Iranian backed coalition will attack Israel.

This was the central theme to the Middle East revolution.

The anti-semantic prick in the White House Obama knew this the entire time.

Obama lied.

Europe and the rest of the western world knows the truth too.

The Bible prophesized all of these events that are taking place in the world.

God’s word is true.

Don’t doubt me.

The Guardian UK wrote this-

Israel has successfully test-fired a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran, fanning a public debate over whether the country’s leaders are agitating for a military attack on Tehran’s atomic facilities.

While Israeli leaders have long warned that a military strike was an option, the most intensive round of public discourse on the subject was ignited over the weekend by a report in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot that said the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the defence minister, Ehud Barak, favoured an attack.

That was followed by a report in the Haaretz on Wednesday that Netanyahu is lobbying cabinet members for an attack, despite the complexity of the operation and the likelihood it would draw a deadly retaliation from Iran. An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Netanyahu did not yet have a majority.

An Israeli defence official told the Associated Press that the military tested a “rocket propulsion system” in an exercise planned long ago.Further information about the test was censored by the military. Foreign reports, however, said the military test-fired a long-range Jericho missile – capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.

Israel considers Iran its most dangerous threat. It cites Tehran’s nuclear programme, its ballistic missile development, repeated references by the Iranian leader to Israel’s destruction and Iran’s support for anti-Israel militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Iran denies allegations that it aims to produce a bomb, saying its nuclear programme is meant only to produce energy for the oil-rich country. It has blamed Israel for disruptions in the programme, including the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and a computer virus that wiped out some of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges.

Israeli National News wrote this-

Israel successfully test-fired a  “ballistic missile” that could be used to strike Iran, Israel Radio reported Wednesday. Further information about the test was censored by the military. Foreign reports, however, said the military test-fired a long-range missile – capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran. Development of the multi-staged missile was begun in 2008 using the operational Jericho III missile as a base, which defense officials said at the time would be capable of carrying “conventional or unconventional payloads.” A US Congressional report on the Jericho initiative in 2004 estimated Israel’s plans to develop a ballsitic missile would give Israel the ability to deliver a payload of 1,000-1,300 kilograms to anywhere in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and most of North America.

The western world is going nuts but here’s a dose of reality. My people are only doing what one does when one is under threat. One doesn’t sit back pick their nose and do nothing. One defends themselves when one knows the enemy wants to wipe you off the face of the earth.

The evil Obama knows the real lay of the land and somehow I half suspect he knew that Israel would take action.

I think America is counting on Israel to strike Iran and prevent the evil Iranian leaders from wiping all Jews and the western world off the face of the earth.

The world has been warned many years ago when Khameini said he would wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.

Isreal National News  reported this story-

Iran would cause serious damage to the United States and Israel should Jewish state strike the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, Iran’s top military official said on Wednesday. The “Zionist regime’s military attack against Iran would lead to heavy damages to the US as well as [to the] Zionist regime,” Iran’s Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Hassan Fayrouz Abadi said Iran would attack Israel in a “surprising” way, he was quoted by Army Radio as saying.

2 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical- The Dumb Assed Media- Seek and Destroy a Black Man Instead of Talking About Our Real Problems”

  1. Hey Bobby,
    To add another point of view to this very serious situation.
    I do understand that America are in a difficult situation concerning foreign affairs.
    There is a lot of hate towards the USA (fueled by many different agendas) and if they were to come out in positive support of Israel they would be accused of once again meddling in the affairs of the Middle-East….America, the big honcho who believe they are the worlds policeman etc. etc.
    It is a difficult situation, that coupled with all the Anti-Jews who want to see Israel wiped out..we know they have their agenda to.

    Like you said, Israel (or anyone else who have had harsh threats against their country) are not going to sit back and say go ahead, wipe us out…it’s hard coded in our DNA to fight and survive.

    1. This all began in WWII. After Germany was defeated no one in Europe had a standing Army. (Britian not included). America and Israel are linked together. Obama hates Jews. He is doing this on purpose. This is the real truth. This is Bible Prophecy coming true. Israel has to strike and knock out Iran’s nukes. American won’t do it. President Reagan destroyed the entire iranian Navy. If America falls the rest of the free world is screwed.

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