The Sixties Radical-Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett-The Milton Hershey School Sex Scandal Coverup

Since we wrote about the Milton Hershey sex scandal and it’s connection with the Penn State allegations of child abuse and the football program several stories have been written that connect former AG Tom Corbett and now Governor Corbett to cover ups about sex with children and selling children as sex slaves to perverts.

The Harrisburg Patriot published this story written by Sarah Gamin November 13th, 2011.

Click on the link to read the entire story-

This is the same AG who dragged his feet when his office was given information in 1998 that house parents were committing child abuse and having sex with children. AG Tom Corbett did nothing,

Mathew Kemeny Harrisburg Patriot wrote this story May 17th 2010.

Here is the link-

There is pattern by the Governor and AG’s office to drag their feet and do nothing.

Former Governor Tom Ridge and AG Tom Corbett and now Governor Corbett are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Let’s remember football is king at Penn State.

The only reason why Governor Corbett and now AG Linda Kelly are making fuss about the Jerry Sandusky case is that the reputation of Penn State football is under attack.

This will cost the school and the state millions of dollars.

Yet when the same thing happened at the Milton Hershey School the entire process was done behind closed doors.

Millions of dollars were taken from the Milton Hershey trust to pay off the families for the crimes committed by Charles Koons and William Chaney.

Both these men were sentenced and are spending time in prison for their crimes.

In the Jerry Sandusky case these are only allegations.

There has not been a trial or a conviction.

Yet this could effect the donations give to the Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center.

What most folks don’t know is the money to build this Medical Center was taken from the Milton Hershey Trust fund.

Former Governor Tom Ridge is a member of the board.

He approved this money to be used to build the Medical center.

The Milton Hershey Trust was created in 1905. The monies from this trust were to be used to help orphans and this gave birth to the Milton Hershey School.

Here is a story written by Jeffrey Franz- November 24th, 2011- Harrisburg Patriot.

Here is the link to the story-

Here is another link between Milton Hershey and the Penn State scandal. The acting Athletic Director David Joyner is a member of the Milton Hershey Board of Directors.

The Fox News reported this.

Here is the link to the story.

The more one digs into the story the more the connection between Penn State and the Milton Hershey School become apparent.

Yet we have not heard a peep from the National state run media about this.


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