The Sixties Radical-When All Else Fails Blame The Rich

Rush Limbaugh turned me on to this book The Road to Serfdom by Friedrick A. Hayek.

In my extensive reading and knowledge of great books this puppy slipped past my radar.

Yet Hayek’s ideas are not new to me or to the world.

Man has been arguing and fighting about these very ideas since God created us all many moons ago.

Hayek’s main thrust of the book is a very simple premise.

He gave us this very simple warning. The result when one gives the government control of the economy will lead to tyranny through a centralized planning.

The government will make decisions for us all.

In the end the individual will be under the control of the government and thus will lead to a Socialist or Fascist state.

This book was written in 1944.

These ideas are taken from Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.

Central planning is taken directly from the Politburo.

This is defined as the executive committee that decides what is or is not for the good of the state and the people.

Marxism believes that capitalism is bad. It is unfair. The only way to create equality is  to have the state in charge and decide what is fair or not.

This is called Socialism.

The state knows best.

The state will decided what is good and bad for we the people.

A small handful of elites will decide what is best for you and I.

Lenin was another one who believed that the capitalist was using the proletariat-ie the worker. Lenin wanted to create a dictatorship of the proletariat. This dictatorship would  lead to socialism and thus the state would control everything from womb to tomb. 

These ideas are rooted in Utopia,

Man’s search for perfection.

All of our needs, wants, and desires would be taken care of from womb to tomb.

The dream of the perfect state that will take care of us all has haunted man for a very long time.

Hayek warned us of these very ideas in his book The Road to Serfdom.

The Bible warned us too of these very concepts and ideas.

It is the first commandment.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

God’s word is true.

Sir Thomas More wrote this little diddy called Utopia published in 1516.

This book has been sending man in search of the Utopia state instead of seeking the God of the Bible .

The key to More’s book is this common property held by everyone is more superior that private property.

More also believes that utopians are superior to the Europeans.

These ideas came out of the fact was Moore was against capital punishment for theft and many of the practices of civil law in England. And these laws can be blamed all on the rich. For all of problems are blamed on the rich and if the rich would lose their wealth the world would be a better place to live.

Hayek wrote these very words- here are some excerpts from his book-

“THE AUTHOR has spent about half his adult life in his native Austria, in close touch with German thought, and the other half in the United States and England. In the latter period he has become increasingly convinced that some of the forces which destroyed freedom in Germany are also at work here. The very magnitude of the outrages committed by the National Socialists has strengthened the assurance that a totalitarian system cannot happen here. But let us remember that 15 years ago the possibility of such a thing happening in Germany would have appeared just as fantastic not only to nine tenths of the Germans themselves but also to the most hostile foreign observer.

There are many features which were then regarded as “typically German” which are now equally familiar in America and England, and many symptoms that point to a further development in the same direction: the increasing veneration for the state, the fatalistic acceptance of “inevitable trends,” the enthusiasm for “organization” of everything (we now call it “planning”).

The character of the danger is, if possible, even less understood here than it was in Germany. The supreme tragedy is still not seen that in Germany it was largely people of good will, who, by their socialist policies, prepared the way for the forces which stand for everything they detest. Few recognize that the rise of fascism and Nazism was not a reaction against the socialist trends of the preceding period but a necessary outcome of those tendencies. Yet it is significant that many of the leaders of these movements, from Mussolini down (and including Laval and Quisling) began as socialists and ended as fascists or Nazis. In the democracies at present, many who sincerely hate all of Nazism’s manifestations are working for ideals whose realization would lead straight to the abhorred tyranny. Most of the people whose views influence developments are in some measure socialists. They believe that our economic life should be “consciously directed,” that we should substitute “economic planning” for the competitive system. Yet is there a greater tragedy imaginable than that, in our endeavor consciously to shape our future in accordance with high ideals, we should in fact unwittingly produce the very opposite of what we have been striving for?

“PLANNING” owes its popularity largely to the fact that everybody desires, of course, that we should handle our common problems with as much foresight as possible. The dispute between the modern planners and the liberals is not on whether we ought to employ systematic thinking in planning our affairs. It is a dispute about what is the best way of so doing. The question is whether we should create conditions under which the knowledge and initiative of individuals are given the best scope so that they can plan most successfully; or whether we should direct and organize all economic activities according to a “blue-print,” that is, “consciously direct the resources of society to conform to the planners’ particular views of who should have what.”

Here is the link-

Theodore Dalrymple wrote this article- The Roads to Serfdom. Here are the money quotes. 

“By the time Beveridge published his report in 1942, most of the intellectuals of the day assumed that the government, and only the government, could accomplish these desirable goals. Indeed, it all seemed so simple a matter that only the cupidity and stupidity of the rich could have prevented these ends from already having been achieved. The Beveridge Report states, for example, that want “could have been abolished in Britain before the present war” and that “the income available to the British people was ample for such a purpose.” It was just a matter of dividing the national income cake into more equal slices by means of redistributive taxation. If the political will was there, the way was there; there was no need to worry about effects on wealth creation or any other adverse effects.

For George Orwell, writing a year before the Beveridge Report, matters were equally straightforward. “Socialism,” he wrote, “is usually defined as ‘common ownership of the means of production.’ Crudely: the State, representing the whole nation, owns everything, and everyone is a state employee. . . . Socialism . . . can solve the problems of production and consumption. . . . The State simply calculates what goods will be needed and does its best to produce them. Production is only limited by the amount of labour and raw materials.”

A few, equally simple measures would help bring about a better, more just and equitable society. Orwell recommended “i) Nationalization of land, mines, railways, banks and major industries”; “ii) Limitation of incomes, on such a scale that the highest does not exceed the lowest by more than ten to one”; and “iii) Reform of the educational system along democratic lines.” By this last, he meant the total prohibition of private education. He assumed that the culture, which he esteemed but which nevertheless was a product of the very system he so disliked, would take care of itself.”

Here is the link–

Doesn’t this sound like what is happening in our country now.

The Evil Obama and his minions in the state run media, the House and Senate, and all the elites in the Republican Party are statists. They want to control us. For these people believe that all power comes from the state not the God of the Bible and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The state is the now the God of us all not The GOD OF THE BIBLE.

 May God have mercy upon our souls.

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