The Sixties Radical- The Left Hates Jesus Except when Yeshua Fits Their Purpose

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and blessed and Happy New Year. Please let’s remember that Christmas is a time that we celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ or as us Messianic Jews call him Yeshua.

Yeshua wasn’t really born December 25th.

Biblical scripture states Yeshua was born some time between Yom Kipper and the feast of the Tabernacles. These high holy days for us Jews begin in September and end sometimes as late as the first week of November.

These dates depend on the lunar calendar Jews use.

Here is link that explains our calendar –

So what is the point of all of this?

Our country is under attack.

The Judeo Christian values this country was founded upon is in the process of being destroyed.

Led by the evil Obama, the Democrat socialist Party, the Left, the ACLU, the lap dog sycophant state run media are in the process of changing this country into a Marxist Socialist state.

The date when all hell started breaking loose is 1962.

This is when the Warren Court ruled that school prayer was banned.

We kicked the God of the Bible out of here.

This has resulted in our fast track to hell.

We can’t even mention or use the word Jesus or Yeshua in public.

God forbid if we put up a manger scene or a menorah on our private property.

Here are some stories to think about.

Walter Reed Hopsital bans families from bringing  Bibles to members of their families that are being treated there.

Here is the lead paragraph – In a Sept. 14 policy memorandum, Col. Chuck Callahan, chief of staff of Walter Reed National Medical Center, banned family members from bringing Bibles and other “religious items” when visiting wounded military personnel at the facility.

In a section entitled “Partners in Care Guidelines,” describing what family members can bring to their wounded warrior in the hospital, the memo states: “No religious items (i.e., Bibles, reading materials and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.”

The link to the story –

This story has been given little attention by the lap dog media. Our total nation debt is 100% of the Gross Domestic Product.

Congress is arguing about pennies when in actuality we are over the cliff and headed into the abyss.

Checkout this link-

Here is a link to show the actual figures of our debt –

If Congress were subjected and required to abide by the laws of the real world these clowns would be thrown in jail.

Can you say the books are cooked.

The national debit is 55% of the gross national product.

Folks this crap has to change.

If it doesn’t we are screwed big time.

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