The Sixties Radical- Welcome to The Brave New World

The elites in the Republican Party are telling us that if Mitt Romney wins the South Carolina Primary the race is over. How can this be?

At this moment Romney has 12 delegates. To win the Republican nomination for president the person must have 1144 delegates.

Romney has won two states for a grand total of 14 delegates. Ron Paul has 10 and Rick Santorum has eight.

Hey you folks who hate us conservatives this sucker is far from over.

There are 25 delegates up for grabs in South Carolina.

Jeaze give me a break.

The likes of Karl Rove, John McCain and the rest of the Rhino Republicans lead the race to coronate Romney is an attempt to keep “We the People” from choosing who we want to represent us conservatives in the 2012 presidential election.

The elites, the statists, the Libs, the Left, and the Democrat Socialist Party, and the evil Obama think all power comes from the government. These people look at us as the servants to be ruled over when in fact the opposite is true. The public official is sent to Washington to serve us.

Our founding fathers believed that all power comes from God. They believed in natural law. These brave men believed that man is sovereign not the government or the King.  Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams and the other framers of the Constitution believed that man is fallible. And this is why they put safe guards against the tyrannical rule of either the government or the people. 

We are a Representative Republic not a pure democracy. If we were a pure democracy the larger population centers would control the entire election. Our founding fathers in their infinite wisdom obtained from God set up the Electoral College. This was done so that such states such as North Dakota would have an equal say in the election of the president just as would the largest state in the union California.

This safe guard would protect us from the tyranny of the majority.

The Left wants to change this so that they would control the outcome of every election and this would insure their clamp to power.

Our founding fathers wanted to make sure that the states not the people elected the President.

Throughout the Constitution our founding fathers set up checks and balances so that power was equally divided between the peoples house (The House), the states house (The Senate) and the president (chosen by the people of each state).

Here is a link to explain the Electoral College

In the end our founding fathers believed in individual freedom, property rights, and the individuals right to choose how to they wanted to live.

This is what drives all Libs, the Left, the Statists, the elites in the Republican Party, and the Democrat Socialist Party nuts. They want to control all of our lives. These statists believe that a select few are better equipped to dictate to the masses how to live their lives.

This is called total control or totalitarianism.  

This idea is right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Plato’s Republic, Sir Thomas Mores Utopia, Thomas Hobbs Leviathan, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  

To bring this puppy full circle the elites in the Republican Party want choose our candidate. The Karl Rove’s of the world think we are stupid and they know what is best for us. In the end, these people have set themselves up as God instead of the God of the Bible.

And this is why we are deep in the shits.




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