The Sixties Radical- The End Signed, Sealed,and Delivered

The Rhino Republicans led by Karl Rove, George H. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, John Boehner and the rest have sold our country down the drain. The John McCain wing of the Democrat Socialist Party is alive and well in the Republican Party. This time these morons have put this country further behind the eight ball with the all but sure nomination of Mitt Romney for President.

Romney is good at attacking Conservatives, the candidates that oppose him in the Republican field but when it comes to attacking the real enemy Romney will not say a peep. 

Romney believes in the scorched earth policy when running against the likes of Newt, Santorum, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, conservatives, and the other Republican candidates except Rube, I mean, Ron Paul. Romney out spend them 3-1 one. However when it comes to Obama, Romney will be out spent six to one.

Romney is not a conservative. He can’t explain what conservatism is. Obama care is based on Romney care. Romney is a big spender and a strong centralized government man who thinks he can do it better than Obama and this is why Obama will tear him a new rear end.

Romney is now free to move to the middle and the left. He will be another John McCain. And this scares the crap outta me. Conservatism died when Rick Santorum quit the race as of today April 10th, 2012.

We conservatives no longer have a party. We are once again left out in the cold. The Republican Party is good at screwing us but when they need us they will bend over backwards to get our money and votes. I like to get kissed while I am being fucked. This time we will not come a running to you. McCain, Romney, Rove, the Bushes, John Beohner, and the rest have just shot yourselves in the head.

You will blame us when you lose in November. This is what you do best. Blame conservatives for your failures. The problem lies within yourselves. You think you won in 2010 because of you and this idea is so far from the truth that this gives credence to Obama’s lies. 

The only reason why Republicans gained controlled of the House and just about an even spilt in the Senate was because we are tired of politicians shredding the constitution and spending money like a bunch of drunken Marxists.

We handed you the election to stop this and you didn’t. All the Republican leadership did was sell us out to Obama and his evil ways. This is unacceptable.

Romney will do the same thing.

This is his track record. And this is why Obama has a better than fifty chance to win.

The Republicans will never get another dime from me.

I won’t vote for Obama.

This little voice inside of me said this is the end of our country, as we know it. Tyranny will reign supreme. And this is what our founding fathers warned us about. Romney and the rest of the Republicans see themselves as part of the ruling class. The Rhinos see this as Romney’s turn.

The truth is we are about to jump into the abyss. When it does happen and it will. The current crop of Republicans and Democrat Socialist Party, the evil Obama and Romney are responsible for driving this great country of ours straight to hell.

Tyranny never takes a holiday.

We are broke. We can’t continue down this road.. We don’t have four more years. We have less than a year to get his right. For if we don’t this nation will be on the dust heap of destruction.

Romney you are warned. However you will never read this. Fine. You have signed our countries death warrant.

12 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical- The End Signed, Sealed,and Delivered”

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