The Sixties Radical- The War on American is Now in Full Swing

Once again the all out full court press against individual freedom, private property rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion is front center. If the Left can convince us a centralized government is best suited to run our lives then this country will be changed forever.

The evil Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the Left and their sycophant followers have set this great country of ours on a course of self destruction. This is all done in the name of justice, helping the poor, social equality, and liberty for all. The sad truth is this. If these evil people get their way we will all becoming slaves to the Kings and Queens of the elite. This is the diabolical nature of Obama and his evil followers.

The stupid Rhino Republicans have won this round and have pitted against Obama Mitt Romney. Romney is not a conservative. He is a big government type who thinks he can do a better job of running this outta control government ala George Bush and John McCain.

Romney buys into the Obama class warfare ideas. These ideas are taken right  out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. These people figure if they take away our private property rights, individual freedom, and eliminate capitalism the world we better place.

This utopian view of the world has been tried in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Venezuela, Cuba, France, and the rest of the world. This attempt at a utopian society ends up in an abject failure.

Romney’s big problem is he can’t articulate conservatism. He doesn’t know how to explain how private property rights translate in freedom of the people. In the days of  yor the King owned all the land. He doled out the land to his Dukes and Earls. The Dukes and Earls gave the serfs a piece of land. These serfs did not own the land. They worked the land and gave back 95 percent of the products they grew to the Dukes and Earls. The Dukes and Earls then gave the goodies to King. The King or the centralized government owned all the land and the people.

Our founding fathers came from Europe. This was the common practice at the time. And this is why these men of genius came up with the concepts of individual property rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and individual freedom. These freedoms and rights came from God- The God of the Bible, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob not the government.

These ideas are rooted John Locke, Adam Smith, Charles de Montague and the Bible.

This view of the world is diametrically opposed to what Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the Left, and the drones believe. Obama believes that all freedom and rights come from the King not God.  The real truth is that Obama has a hard on for this country and he wants fundamentally change this country. Obama said this during the 2008 election and many of his speeches.

Consider this article written by Matt Cover 

The lead- “ asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday where the Constitution authorized Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance–a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill–Pelosi dismissed the question by saying: “Are you serious? Are you serious?””

This was written by Fred Lucas

President Barack Obama’s desire to take away tax “loopholes” from oil companies–in other words, increase the taxes paid on oil–will do nothing to cut the cost of gas, but is entirely a “fairness” issue, a White House official told reporters Monday.”

When government decides what is fair and not fair “We The People” are getting screwed by the tyranny of government. It is time for the American people to wake up and send this man packing. If not we are in deep do-do

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