The Sixties Radical- Lets make Free Speech a Crime Except from The Political Class

The attack on our constitution and our freedoms are led by the spokes hole Nancy Pelosi. This time she wants to change the First Amendment of The Constitution. Pelsoi and the rest of the elites, the Left, the evil Obama, and the Democrat Socialist Party want to restrict what can be said and can‘t be said by business’s that disagree with the policies of the Left and those in power.

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Terence Jeffery wrote this.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed a movement announced by other congressional Democrats on Wednesday to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech when it is engaged in by corporations as opposed to individuals.”

Pelosi etal claim that this will level the playing field by cutting out special interest groups and those evil corporations (as referred to by the Left) who will be given a special advantage when they give money to political candidates. The sad truth is this. The Democrat Socialist Party always point to the corporations as ones who are influencing  the out comes of elections however in fact it is big money given by George Soros to groups like Media Matters, Planned Parenthood, the Politico, and many other groups far out spend conservative money. Now that we conservatives have learned how to play by their rules the Left is having a hissy fit.

Here is the link that lists all groups that George Soros funds.

The Dummcrats ( a term I borrowed from Mark Levin) battle cry is take the money out of politics and this will fix the problem. This is why these people are so diabolical.  The McCain-Feingold was supposed to fix the problem however in reality this bill made sure that the incumbents stayed in power.

This is what the idiotic John McCain told us. The real truth this was done to murder the First Amendment.

McCain bought into the lies and thus we almost lost one of our liberties.

Here is part of the text from this bill.

“Reduction of Special Interest Influence – Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) to prohibit: (1) national political party committees (including any officer, agent, or entity they directly or indirectly establish, finance, maintain, or control) (officer, agent, or entity) from soliciting, receiving, directing, transferring, or spending money that is subject to FECA limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements; (2) soft money spending (not currently subject to FECA) for a Federal election activity, in general, by State, district, and local political party committees (including any officer, agent, or entity) or by an association or similar group of candidates for State or local office or State or local officials; (3) soft money spending for fundraising costs by any such committee, officer, agent, or entity; (4) national, State, district, or local political party committees (including national political party congressional campaign committees, entities, officers, or agents) from soliciting, any funds for, or making or directing any donations to certain tax-exempt organizations; and (5) candidates for Federal office, Federal office holders, or their agents from soliciting, receiving, directing, transferring, or spending funds in connection with a Federal election, including funds for any Federal election activity, unless they are subject to FECA limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements, or in connection with any non-Federal election unless such funds meet specified equirements.”

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that prohibited unions and corporations from airing paid ads thirty days before Candidates for Congress or President was unconstitutional. This in effected killed the McCain Feingold act.  

This is what happens when temporary politicians make laws that restrict our freedom. Thank God the Supreme Court got it right. And this drives the Left nuts. These folks want it okay for Union thugs to have their say but not those evil corporations ( in the Left’s eyes). Yet it is those evil corporations (in the Left’s eyes) that pay the freight for their campaigns and expensive lifestyles.

The evil Obama and his sycophants in the media, the Democrat Socialist Party, the Left , and all those drones out there view The Constitution as something that must be overcome and destroyed. Once this is done then utopia on earth can be created. Except these folks forgot one little iddy biddy piece of information. This has been tried many times before and the results are hell on earth. Dictators rule supreme and “We The People become the serfs and slaves to the elites of society. And truly we are all in the screwed big time.

16 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical- Lets make Free Speech a Crime Except from The Political Class”

  1. Your article almost sounds it is written by a lobbyist. Corruption is a problem. If you can buy politicians then those that buy call the shots. It is one of the reasons why we are in this terrible mess. Once the money is out of politics, the focus will be more on the subject, rather then interests.

    There is nothing socialist, communist or other nonsense in this. It just becomes more democratic in its best sense. 300 million people live in this country and have to listen to stuff that is pre-chewed by lobbyists and corporations and only does good to those interest groups with no vote but money.

    Your article is a little out of context and too much focused on name calling. That’s never good.

    1. Corruption is Harry Ried, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama and the rest of Democrat Socialist Party. look at their records. Second we are not a democray but a representative republic. When one the government tell Americans where they can spend and to whom they can give their money this is tyranny in soft form. The Surpeme Court that Unions and Corporations can give money to politicans and PACS. This all about freedom of speech. Politcal contrabutions are matter of public record. They have to be. The straw dog argument is coporations are bad. they are corrupt. What you sounds good on the surface but your premis is wrong and I don’t buy it. Read John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or James Madison. They pick up Liberty and tyranny and Ameritopia by mark Levin.

      1. I’ll give you your opinion and respect the right of freedom of speech as we all should, even if the speech comes from the Democrats. Right? The fact is, buying politicians, or bribery, is wrong. I am also not sure that hiding bribery behind freedom of speech is the right thing to do.

        “The straw dog argument”, as you put it, is the opinion of individuals, and there is nothing wrong with that. It even has legs as we all have experienced.

        As far as Adams, Jefferson and Madison goes, that is quite a while back. Now that you mention it, it might even be a good idea to take a look at the entire thing again and see if some changes could present some major improvements. After all, the world has changed, and it is pretty dumb to hang on to stuff that is outdated, when better is available. By the way, I am not disrespecting the three and their accomplishments.

      2. You are comparing apples with oranges. Bribery is against the law. Donating and giving money to a candidate or poltical party is not. Your agrument is an old one. Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Rosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt argued the same thing. We conservatives don’t try and shut up the opposition. The Left and the Democrats do. Read Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. So this means the Bible is outdated too according to your logic and so is the Ten Commandments. You see your premis is wrong. I don’t buy it. We can get stuck in the weeds but what good would that do. Man strives to be free. With freedom comes responsiblity. So what part of individual choice don’t you agree with or private property rights.

  2. Exactly. Bribery is against the law. If the politician gets the money and doesn’t return favors, he will be broke in the next campaign. Nothing else is more clearly demonstrated by politicians on both sides. That democrats are trying to shut up opposition is a toilet parole that is used by republicans for a long time. It is as stupid as it is without foundation.

    That you favor the Bible is your personal decision and I respect that as well. In my opinion, religion and politics should not go hand in hand. And last time I checked, my opinion on that was in agreement with the constituition.

    I agree with your statement “Man strives to be free. With freedom comes responsibility”. The catch with that is that humans since the beginning of times have issues with these responsibilities. As a matter of fact, a lot of people take and use freedom to enrich themselves on the expense of all the others. As an example I will mention the banking industry. While it seems they didn’t break any laws, because there weren’t any, responsibility was completely out of the window. So, in order to make freedom happen, you must put it in a solid framework of rules to make sure it is not used against society. That’s how every society works, ours is no different. Even sports and the beloved corporations only work with a framework of rules. Nothing new here and no reason whatsoever to assume an attack on personal freedom. If you have a visitor in your house and this visitor’s personal freedom is to p.. in the corners of his house, you wouldn’t be happy with that and would make him obey to the rules in your house and show the bathroom. An objection mentioning personal freedom you would ignore. I understand this is a drastic example, but you can boil this down to less dramatic things, it will be the same.

    I am all for individual choice and private property rights. Not sure why you would suggest I wouldn’t. And to be quite frank, when it comes to that, the democrats are clearly the better choice of the two, at least for 300 million of the 330 million people we have living here.

    1. Once again I reject your premise. The Contitution is the law of the land. The Democrat Socialist party is restricting all of our freedoms from forcing us to buy healthcare to telling us what kind of cars we can drive to what kinds of foods we can eat to how much water we can use when we use the bathroom. Your logic doesn’t make any sense. It is wrong. Once again your are mixing apples and oranges. It’s not the money my friend read the supreme Court case Citizens United. If 300 million are democrats how did you loss the House and your Bullet proof majoirty in the Senate. Once again you go through the weeds. Read Saul Alinsky and the Communist Manifesto. Then read some of Woodrow Wilson’s papers. Then read what Franlkin Roosevelt wrote. These are the words that the Democrats use and speak.

      1. I never said 300 million are democrats. Read again. I am not in the business of convincing people of something, I just express my opinion. Therefore, I don’t expect you to change yours.

        I am not interested in reading any more communist nonsense than I already have. I know enough by education and life experience that there is nothing communist or socialist at all with the line of the democrats. Those that claim there is, either operate with toilet paroles to catch a few misguided, don’t know what communism or socialism is or they just plain simple lie. I am afraid to say, those are the only three options why those words are used in that context.

        The healthcare debate is a different discussion. In the best interest of the Country, we should have national healthcare. Making a business out of that will hurt society at one point. It has already started. Again, that is a different story and only time will tell.

        Just out of interest, have you ever been to a communist or socialist country?

      2. It’s not a few misguied people. Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy pelosi, Chuck Schumer. just to name a few. Once again I don’t buy your premise. Yes! Your words at least for 300 million of the 330 million people we have living here.

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