The Sixties Radical- The Same Song and the Same Tune only a Different Time

If one wants to understand the mind of the liberal all one has to do is tune into Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. Mike Greenberg one of the spokes holes on the show who is leading the charge to change the game that I played and love since I was a kid born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

Greenberg’s argument is this. The men who play the game are being injured. Injuries especially concussions are happening more frequently than ever. Many men who played the game disregard their own safety to play the game. This has resulted in dementia and other crippling illnesses. These men must be protected from themselves. 

The suicide of former San Diego Charger, Miami Dolphin, and New England Patriot linebacker Junior Seau has propelled this idea into the national sports spot light.

This is how liberals change the society and culture around them. These folks see a problem and want to protect us from ourselves so laws are in acted gradually until the state runs our entire life.

This was done with food, air, and smoking ad nauseum. On the surface the premise looks great but once this can of worms is opened all hell breaks loose and we lose our individual freedoms, freedom of choice, and then become wards of the state.

Smoking is bad. It will kill you but no one has ever held a gun to someone’s head and forced them to become smokers. The do gooders set up the straw dog argument that the evil tobacco companies lied and forced many Americans to take up this dirty habit.

Once this argument was bought by the American people bans on smoking have occurred in  all of the country. 

Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, emphysema, and many other deadly diseases yet the tax on tobacco is out of this world. This is called a sin tax. This money is used by many state and local governments to fund programs.

Smoking is killer then out law it yet this will not be done and this is just one example of the hypocritical nature of the Left.

Now this same argument is being tossed out by the liberal sports media led by Mike Greenberg and the rest.

Football is a brutal sport. It is a violent sport. The game of football is like being in a head on car crash at ten miles per hour for sixty minutes non stop. The men who played this game have chosen to play this game. No one forced Junior Seau, Mike Golic, Ted Hendricks and the rest to play in the NFL. It was a choice made by these men.

The nanny state wants to protect these men from themselves. This is how liberalism works. It creates the illusion of creating and protecting the individual from all bad things thus a utopia is created and man will live a protected life run by the state. Instead hell is created and everyone suffers except the elites and rulers of society.

Is football dangerous? Yes. Does football cause bodily injury? Yes. Can the effects of playing pro football cause health problems later in life? Yes.

These men chose to play this game.

The roots of the nanny state can be traced to the 1900’s. The attempt to ban the game of football started during the time of Teddy Roosevelt. This article written by John Miller appeared in the National Review.

“In the 1890s, just as football was growing into a popular sensation, the Progressive movement was gaining irresistible momentum. A broad-based drive for social reform, it blossomed during Roosevelt’s presidency and never has released its grip on American life. Its fundamental achievement was to recast the relationship between citizens and their government. Whether this was for good or ill remains a bitter argument a century later among partisans on the Left and the Right. Liberals tend to view the Progressive Era as a missed opportunity — a series of reforms that delivered modest benefits to middle-class voters anxious about economic instability and demographic shifts, but also an accommodation with Christian morality and market capitalism that put off a more radical rearrangement of the social contract.”

In Roosevelt’s estimation, the foes of football were wrongheaded idealists who simply refused to accept the risks that are attached to virtually any human endeavor. They threatened to feminize an entire generation. At stake was nothing less than the future of the United States: On the threshold of a new century, would the country seize its historic destiny and grow into a world power or would it stop short of this accomplishment because it had turned out, in Roosevelt’s words, “mollycoddles instead of vigorous men”?

John Miller wrote this article in the Wall Street Journal.

The pull quotes.

“Perhaps the sport needs a modern Teddy Roosevelt. A century ago, he waded into a fight over violence in football and possibly saved the game—if not from extinction, then at least from relegation to second-tier status in the world of athletics.

Today a major problem is concussions. One study sponsored by the NFL found that professional veterans over the age of 50 are five times as likely as the general population to suffer from dementia. Those numbers are bad, but consider the situation in 1905, when 18 people died on the gridiron. Back then, foes likened the game to gladiatorial combat in Roman amphitheaters and launched a crusade. Led by Harvard President Charles Eliot and joined by the Nation magazine and muckraking journalists, Progressive-era prohibitionists wanted to sack the increasingly popular sport.”

If the NFL is concerned over safety then take a look at the equipment that is used. Is the NFL using the best equipment available on the market?

The many state will continue to cry out until football is changed to a point where it is professional wrestling in full gear.

The ban of football is on the horizon.

Freedom of choice and personal responsibility is gone forever and the state will run our lives.

This is happening now.

The government controls how much water we can use in the toilet, what kind of food we can eat, what kind of light bulbs we can and can’t use just to name a few.

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