The Sixties Radical- The Brave New World is Happening Now

The insanity of the Left had completely gotten out of hand. If this push to do away with all of our freedom of choice  is successful then what will “We The People” have left? Nothing. LA is now embarking on a totalitarian rule. Mayor Villaraigosa calls this progress. Is he f-ing crazy?  These clowns have voted this leftist into office so I guess they want to be told what to do, how high to jump and how often.

The LA city council is following lock step to ban plastic bags. This is all done to save the environment. For what? God only knows! And He is telling us Yo Fool I made this world. But many don’t believe the God of the Bible.  This is the result after we kicked the God of the Bible outta here in 1962. We told God, “Hey dude we don’t need you. We can run our lives with out your silly ass so adios muchos. Voce vai.”

The difference between the Left and God is this. God won’t force you to believe or follow him. The Lord gives us freedom of choice.  If don’t agree with the Left and their agenda they will force you to live by their rules. This is called totalitarianism.

People like Villaraigosa, Obama, Pelosi and the LA City Council we force “We The People” to live by the rules they set yet they are exempted.

Do Russia, Iran, and China strike a familiar note.

Elizabeth Hampton wrote this little diddy for

The pull quotes.

The ordinance will affect approximately 10,000 retail stores, including large supermarkets and small corner stores — and will be phased in over a six-month period for large retailers and a 12-month period for small stores.

Retailers will eventually have to sell or provide reusable bags for free.  Those who violate the ban will be subject to a written warning for the first offense, and will be fined if they fail to comply.

“By voting to move forward with this ban, the City of Los Angeles will place an onerous policy on its residents that puts the jobs of hundreds of Angelenos at risk who work in the bag manufacturing and recycling sector,” he said.  “At a time when we should be creating more manufacturing jobs, this ban takes them away, while pushing people to imported reusable bags which are produced overseas and are a less-environmentally friendly option.”

“Bag bans have not been proven to reduce litter,” said Daniels.  “With this draconian bag ban, the city takes a simplistic approach that misses an opportunity to provide a more effective solution for consumers and the environment – programs that encourage greater recycling of plastic and paper bags and preserve jobs.”

This law will in effect kill business in Los Angeles. This will drive the cost of  products through the roof.  The cost for this will be passed onto the consumer. No wonder people are leaving California by the droves. This is why California is hurting big time. “We the People” are tired of this shit. However the Libs who are leaving California are taking their insane ideas with them to whatever state they move to.

These morons have left California because of the insane taxes and laws and what do these clowns do? They transport their insanity to their new state in which they live.

The Left created the problems in the first place now they have the gall to leave!  Give me a break. They caused this crap in California and now these idiots want to bring this garbage with them. 

No wonder we are in the shits. Liberals have shit for brains.

They are diabolical.

Welcome to a Brave New World.

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