The Sixties Radical- Round One In A Long Drawn Out War Against Evil

Good has won round one in the war waged by the evil forces that are consuming this country. Yes, that’s right Good. The evil forces led by Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the state run media, the Left, and the brain dead drones are attempting to kill this country off.

Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin is the first battle of this war. This brave man took on the state and federal union thugs and the bused in head and leg breakers to win a convincing eight point victory over his Democrat socialist challenger to keep his governorship.

The Left doesn’t give a damn about the facts. Walker has been able to keep the state of Wisconsin in the black without losing jobs. Hells bells and odds Bodkins he even slashed the states unemployment rate to under seven percent. This is better than the made up federal unemployment rate of 8.2%. Real numbers tell us that the federal unemployment rate is closer to 19%.

The brain dead drones don’t want to here facts only their lies. This is all part of the war that is being waged to destroy the very foundation that this country is built upon.

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken and have told the state and federal union thugs and the Democrat Socialist Party to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The good folks are waking up. We realize that when good compromises with evil, evil wins. This is a true fact. How does one compromise between food and poison? This is what we are asked to do by the evil Obama, the Democrat Socialist Party, the state run media, the Left, and every other son of bitch running the state, federal, county and local unions. 

These people want us the taxpayer to pay their salaries, Cadillac healthcare plans, pensions, and retirement for life. Hell “We the People don’t even have a deal like this. We are told we are selfish because we want to keep the money we earn to pay for our houses, food, family needs, tithes to Churches and Synagogues, healthcare and our pensions and retirement plans.

The Left views this money as theirs to spend, as they want. They expect us to give our hard earned dollars to them so they can live high off the hog.

This is an in your face screw you buddy. The state tells us they own you ass so you better give us what we want or the state will make your life a living hell and throw you in jail for disobedience. This is all done in the guise of we know what’s best for you. We the state know better how to run your lives better than you do. So let us take all your freedoms away and we’ll take care of you from womb to tomb. The state is sovereign not the individual. Don’t you know that all rights and freedoms come from the state not from the God of the Bible.

This is what tyranny and dictatorial rule is all about. The state is your King not the God of the Bible.  You don’t have any rights except those doled out by the state.

The revolution is underway. We are taking back our country. This means all Americans who chose individual freedom, private property rights, freedom of choice, and those who believe in the Constitution. Look around “We the People” come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and nationalities of origin.

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Susan Jones wrote this story.

Here’s the pull quote.

“Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight’s election, there is no question that over the past year this recall effort sent a message to Scott Walker that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong. Thousands of Wisconsinites mounted this effort in the face of a flood of out of state, secret and corporate special interest money– amounting to a massive $31 million war chest for Governor Walker to just $4 million on our side

What a crock of crap by Debbie “Blabber Mouth” Schultz.

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