The Sixties Radical Obama The Dictator- The Old Fashioned Way

For the first time since Tricky Dickey Nixon we have an imperial President. The evil Obama is hell bent on taking this country down. He doesn’t care how he does it but Obama will destroy this country if he is not stopped.

Obama said he would fundamentally change this country when he was elected in 2008. The evil one has kept his word. Obama is acting like a King. Hell is the King. He has taken the Constitution and shredded it. Obama is now ruling by decree. He is by passing congress and writing laws. This is directly opposed to what the Constitution tells what the President can and can’t do. Congress is supposed to write and pass laws not the President. If the President disagrees with a law Congress has passed he can veto it. It takes two thirds of congress to overturn a Presidential veto.

Our founding fathers knew that man is fallible. If one man is given total control of the government he will rule with an iron fist. Tyranny will reign supreme. Dictatorial rule will be the rule of the day. This is what is happening now with the evil Obama.

This man needs to be impeached.

Obama is completely out of control. His minions are doing his dirty work. We have lost the rule of law that has governed this country since it was formed in 1776. We are a nation of laws. Obama is picking and choosing which laws he wants to enforce and those he doesn’t. Add on top of that Obama is writing laws by fiat. This is abuse of power by the President.

This is not new. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt tried this during his Presidency from 1933 to 1945. Richard Nixon tried to the same thing when he became President in 1968. Nixon was kicked outta office. The press at the time worked hard to uncover the truth about Nixon and what he was doing.

The press under Obama is doing nothing. The state run media is spewing his talking points. They are covering up the truth in an attempt to fool us into giving up our rights and freedoms. The press is in favour of tyranny, dictatorship and iron fisted rule by Obama.

The wimp Republicans like John McCain, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Olympia Snow, Lindsey Graham, and the rest sit by and doing nothing as this administration runs over all of our civil liberties and freedoms.

These chicken shit men are letting Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and all the appointed czars by Obama to get away with Holy murder. These people are turning this country into a dictatorial Marxist state.

If this man is not stopped this country will be doomed. We will all become wards and slaves of the state. Our sovereignty will become a thing of the past. We will lose our personal freedom, individual choice, private property rights and most important all our freedom to worship God.

David Limbaugh is right Obama is the great destroyer.

All one has to do is looking at the housing market the past four years, the rise in prices for gasoline, food, clothing, and shelter, the loss of private sector jobs, the increased cost of doing business in this country, the huge number of people who dropped out or quit looking for work. Need I say more.

Yet, the words coming out of Obama’s mouth is this country is heading the right direction. The economy is picking up. Unemployment is getting better but it could be even better if those damn states and local governments would only hire more people.

The state is growing by leaps and bounds but the private sector is where the wealth is created is dying.

Anyone with half a brain knows that the private sector creates wealth not the government.

We as nation are in deep pearl. We must get this man out of office before he destroys this country forever.

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