The Sixties Radical- The Death of Freedom of Choice

You can kiss our freedoms goodbye. The Supreme Court just changed relationship with the government. The government is now sovereign. King Obama, and his evil minions can now tell us what we can and can’t buy, how high we have to jump and whatever else they deem necessary for us to live. Now the government can tax behaviour. Freedom of choice is dead.

The Fed’s just took over one sixth of our economy.

The Supreme Court stuck a fork in the private sector, all of our individual freedoms, freedom of choice and how we live our lives.

The evil Obama lied. He said this was not a tax. The Supreme Court ruled that Obama care is a tax. This is the largest tax increase in the history of the world. Now the government can tell us we have to buy what ever it is they tell us is good for us.

Nazi, Germany knew that if you want to control the people take control of healthcare.

This country was changed forever this week by these two Supreme Court rulings on illegals and healthcare.

Now we can’t protect our borders and we are forced to buy health insurance. “ We The People” have been screwed royally. We have been told to shut up and do what we tell you to do.

We don’t have any rights. The government is now our new God and ruler over us all.

Here’s the skinny. Mitt Romney is talking a big game about how he will over turn Obama if he is elected. Don’t bet on it. Romney, like Boehner, Cantor and rest of the chicken shit Republican won’t do a damn thing.

They will wimp out and cave like they always do- do nothing and go along with status quo.

The Supreme Court just made up what is in the Constitution.  The Supreme Court used the commerce clause and the general welfare clause as a weapon to put us in our place.

It is time we take back our country. This is taxation without representation. All of you folks who believe in individual freedom, freedom of choice, private property rights and religious freedom then its time we kick this evil man and his cohorts outta office.

Conservatives don’t care what your religion or lack of is, colour, creed, race or your origin of birth, we believe in freedom of choice. It is time we unite and take back our country.

Man is fallible. And this is why our founding fathers set up this country the way that they did. Separation of powers the people’s house, the President, and the Senate. This very notion has been set on its head when the Supreme Court grabbed power and made up laws that allowed the government to be become the Lords and Rulers over us all.

The situation we find ourselves in can be traced to Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt when they sowed the seeds of our destruction. The final straw happened in 1962 when the Warren Court kicked the God of the Bible outta this country.

Father Jack Flynn gave me this simple advice- trust God, trust yourself and tell every other son of bitch to go to hell.


The Lord has given us warnings now we as a nation have committed suicide on a massive scale. When all the morals and values are set ablaze, the family is destroyed, Education is rendered useless, the Lord is kicked out the last to fall is the economy.

The Constitution is now in ruins.

Sure we have an election in November but if those folks fail to over turn Obama care and get this country back into the right direction the result is não serve para nada.

Lawless is now made the law of the land.

Legal precedent has be established by today’s Supreme Court ruling.

Chief Justice Roberts is to blame for this mess.

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