The Sixties Radical- The Real Enemy of The Republican Party is The Drum Roll We Conservatives

We are in a fight to save our country yet the morons who run the Republican Party don’t get this or see it. These fools want to shove us conservatives, us plain and simple folks, the average guys and gals who make this country work to the curb. Folks like Carl Rove, Jeb Bush, hell the entire Bush family for that matter, John Boehner, Eric Canter, John McCain and rest fail to realize is this one simple point. Without us they would not win a damn thing.

These jerks want to silence us forever. They think we are a bunch of racists anti immigration, anti Latin voters and this is so far from truth it is ridiculous. We are against illegals getting amnesty. It is plain and simple as this. We are for the rule of law, The Constitution, freedom of choice, individual rights, private property rights, freedom to chose how and when we worship God or not worship God.

I don’t care what your race, creed, religion, lack of religion, nation of origin, or for that matter if you from the moon just as long you are citizen of this country.  We have to stand together and fight this tyranny. For if we don’t our nation will be lost forever.

This is what this election is all about. If  “WE THE PEOPLE don’t elect folks who stand for the Constitution we are doomed.

Now back to my main point.

We can’t have voter ID Laws. We can’t have border patrol agents or the U.S. military guarding and protecting the border. This is immoral and wrong. Jeaze man don’t you get it? Anyone can come in here. The laws are racist. You can’t ask anyone to prove whom they are especially if you are Latin in origin but if you’re a white guy or a Jew then you’re screwed so just shut up and take it.

The Christians fools believe this crap and they will quote the Bible to shut us up.  Man let em in. These folks just want a better life. Give em the right to vote. Let their kids pay in state tuition while legal citizens have to pay the full price. Give em food stamps. Get em all dependent on big daddy the federal government. Then when we do that these folks will all vote the right way. The Democrat Socialist Party and then we will have a nation changed from a  Constitutional Republic to a Marxist hellhole run by a dictator.

You see folks this is all done by design.

Ninety nine point nine percent of the folks coming here from Latin American counties are coming from a Marxist hellhole. The folks coming from Mexico are a little bit of a different story for they are sent over by the Mexican government. These people are not wanted by Mexico so they sent over to destroy us. I can’t prove this but it all points to the Mexican government dumping people here.  With that said many are looking for freedom. These folks are escaping oppression yet the voices screaming from the rooftops are in favor of open borders and the amnesty crowd wants you to believe they are doing this for the good of these people. Yet the dirty little secret is this. This is done so that  the evil Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Jeb Bush’s of the world, La Rasa, and LULAC will stay in power forever and turn us into their slaves and serfs depended on them forever. The idiot Christian ministers like Jim Tolle and the rest are being used to help this come to fruition. Tolle etal are duped into making this happen. Folks like Tolle are used to spread the lie that Jesus wants us to give illegals free reign in this country and this is done in name of Jesus and Christianity.


The evil Obama and his evil minions want us to shut up bend over and take up ass so  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck “YOU” Schumer, and the Democrat Socialist Party will steal everyone’s freedom.

This is the real truth.

Consider this story on

Melanie Hunter wrote this.

The pull quotes.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), speaking with reporters at a restaurant in Tampa, Fla., said Monday, “Ninety-nine percent of my colleagues are decent, honest people trying to do the right thing for the country.”

At a press lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, a reporter asked the top Republican, “Please share with us, Mr. Speaker, in a broad sense your ideas on how to make the American people have a more favorable view of Congress.”

Boehner replied that while “on any given day some of them are out there doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing,” 99 percent of his colleagues “are decent, honest people trying to do the right thing for the country.”

This fool is one of the biggest reasons why the Democrat Socialist Party is on the verge of destroying this country. Boehner is a moron. He thinks these people are decent. Man they are hell bend on destroying us forever and changing my country into a Marxist hellhole.

Boehner is compromising with evil. And when this happens evil wins.

Here is another moronic comment made by Boehner  The Speaker of The House.

Melanie wrote this too.

“I have no doubts that if required, I can find common ground with the president,” Boehner said.

“We found an awful lot of common ground last year in attempting to solve our debt crisis. Unfortunately, the president lost his courage, but for those that know me and those who listened to me over the course of the last 30 days, I never give up, and I’d never given up on the president regardless of whose occupying that office,” he said.

Obama is going to have “some big decisions” in his second term, Boehner said.

Obama is Marxist. Boehner has already conceded that Obama will win the election.  So I guess Boehner agrees that Marxism is the way and the Constitution is no good and must be torn up. So the true colours of Beohner have finally come out as well. The Speaker of The House is Marxists too.

No wonder we are in the shits.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg for we must defeat all of these statists so “WE THE PEOPLE can get out country back.

5 thoughts on “The Sixties Radical- The Real Enemy of The Republican Party is The Drum Roll We Conservatives”

  1. Some might say the Constitution to which you refer is an arbitrary document created by a group of privileged aristocrats who stole America from its original inhabitants. It is kind of hard to make ethical arguments about who should and shouldn’t be “allowed” in the country when you accept that history.

    1. what kind of argument is that. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe you should learn more about our history. This typical of the left. What is that history, Do you even know the history of the U.S./

  2. I teach American literature, so yes, I am familiar with American history and the documents on which it is based.

    If you dispute the idea that most of the land that is now called the United States of America was illegitimately taken from the Native Americans, you might want read a little about Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy and The Trail of Tears.

    1. Who did the indians take the land from? I am just following yor logic. You see in the end it never ends. Why do you hate my country. Do you think the indians were peace loving and kind and gentle. This is crock. I will never change your mind. In the end we are losing our freedom. What part of freedom and individaul choice do you disagree with . Here is website you might find interesting.

  3. Although I am not sure what point you are trying to make with it, thanks for the website. It is certainly another great example of the top notch services that public broadcasting (which Mitt Romney has vowed to abolish) provides to Americans.

    As for hating “your” country, I don’t. In fact, I like America so much, I want to help ensure that it continues to progress away from its shameful past. This is nearly impossible to do if I were to stick my head in the sand and ignore the oppression that began with the Native Americans, continued with the chattel slavery of African Americans, and still permeates “your” country in more subtle socioeconomic realities.

    As for your suggestion that Native Americans were not “peace loving, kind, and gentle,” you might find this interesting:

    “With gunpowder and steel, Europeans had the technological edge in warfare, and it would seem that–despite centuries of propaganda to the contrary–they took violence more seriously than did the American Indians. The Natives at first found the scale of European warfare appalling.” (from The Norton Anthology of American Literature, p. 2)

    Please explain to me the freedoms that you are losing or have lost. I am very willing to hear you out because I hear this type of statement from many people, but I have never heard a very good case made for specific freedoms that have been lost.

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