The Sixties Radical- Liberty or Tyranny Take Your Choice

Our Constitutional rights have been under attack since 1890. Progressives such as Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Thomas Dewey wanted to change the very foundation of our country. These men did not believe that our founding principles of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness were God given rights endowed to us from Our Creator – The God of the Bible, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jesus Christ not the government. George Washington, Thomas, Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, John Jay, and Thomas Paine just to name a few believe in natural law, the laws of God and that man cannot trump God. They also believed the man yearned to be free. The people were sovereign not the government. Roosevelt, Dewey, and Wilson believed that all rights came from government not God.

This is the fundamental difference between our founding fathers and these men. Wilson etal believed that man’s nature has changed over a period of time as society became more civilized due to the advent of science. Wilson hated the separation of powers and he wanted to be able to act accordingly when his ideas were not passed through Congress. Wilson wanted to become the chief, cook, and bottle washer. He thought the president should be able write laws, pass them, and force the courts to rule they way he thought was best.

Wilson loved the British Constitution.  The British Constitution is not written down. It is a series of statues, treaties, and court judgments. The sovereignty rested with Parliament not the people.

With government being all-powerful this means that the people are under the thumb of politicians, Kings, and Presidents thus we lose our freedom to decide how we want to live. The government will dictate to us how we must live.

Our founding fathers knew that for a people to be truly free sovereignty must rest with the people. Yet here is the paradox. Man is fallible and thus these wise men who founded this country knew that no one person or entity should have all the power but this power should be divided up equally.

These ideas can be traced to John Locke, Sir Charles Montesquieu, William Blackstone, and the Bible just to name a few.

At the core must be God. Without God man and society cannot survive.

James Madison gave us a warning of what happens when government pits different segments of society against each to gain control of the people to force us to bow down to a ruler.

Madison wrote in Federalist Paper 51,” In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, and then the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments. Hence a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.

Second. It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. Different interests necessarily exist in different classes of citizens. If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure. There are but two methods of providing against this evil: the one by creating a will in the community independent of the majority—that is, of the society itself; the other, by comprehending in the society so many separate descriptions of citizens as will render an unjust combination of a majority of the whole very improbable, if not impracticable. The first method prevails in all governments possessing an hereditary or self-appointed authority. This, at best, is but a precarious security; because a power independent of the society may as well espouse the unjust views of the major as the rightful interests of the minor party, and may possibly be turned against both parties. The second method will be exemplified in the federal republic of the United States. Whilst all authority in it will be derived from and dependent on the society, the society itself will be broken into so many parts, interests, and classes of citizens, that the rights of individuals, or of the minority, will be in little danger from interested combinations of the majority. In a free government the security for civil rights must be the same as that for religious rights. It consists in the one case in the multiplicity of interests, and in the other in the multiplicity of sects. The degree of security in both cases will depend on the number of interests and sects; and this may be presumed to depend on the extent of country and number of people comprehended under the same government.”

(James Madison, “No. 51: The Structure of the Government Must Furnish the Proper Checks and Balances Between the Different Departments,” in Clinton Rossiter, ed., The Federalist Papers (New York: Mentor, 1999), 317-22.)

James Madison summed it up this way in his introduction to Federal Paper 51. Publius argues that the Constitution will maintain separation of powers by means of its “interior structure.” The “great security” against tyranny is to give the members of each department the “necessary constitutional means” combined with the requisite “personal motives” to resist encroachments on their power. The fact “that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government” is a “reflection on human nature.”

February 6, 1788

John Dewey wrote in his Liberalism and Social Action pages 623-624 “that not natural rights but consequences in the lives of individuals are the criterion and measure of policy and judgment.”

Dewey added on page 626, “But disregard of history took its revenge. It blinded the eyes of liberals to the fact that their own special interpretations of liberty, individuality and intelligence were themselves historically conditioned, and were relevant only to their own time. They put forward their ideas as immutable truths good at all times and places; they had no idea of historic relativity, either in general or in its application to themselves.”

Woodrow Wilson saw progress as this. This quote was taken from his text “What is Progress” pages 639-640  “the Constitution of the United States had been made under the dominion of the Newtonian Theory. You have only to read the papers of The Federalist to see that fact written on every page. They speak of the “checks and balances” of the Constitution, and use to express their idea the simile of the organization of the universe, and particularly of the solar system,—how by the attraction of gravitation the various parts are held in their orbits; and then they proceed to represent Congress, the Judiciary, and the President as a sort of imitation of the solar system.”

Wilson added this on pages 640-641, “The trouble with the theory is that government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton. It is modified by its environment, necessitated by its tasks, shaped to its functions by the sheer pressure of life. Living political constitutions must be Darwinian in structure and in practice.”

These ideas proposed by Wilson, Dewey and Roosevelt and now by Obama are diametrically opposed to the very foundation of our country. The seeds sown by these men are directly responsible for the very predicament we find ourselves in.

God let these very seeds of our destruction come to harvest because we kicked God out of here in 1963 when the Warren Court ruled that VOLUNTARY SCHOOL PRAYER AND BIBLE READINGS WERE UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Now the people of God are rising up in opposition to the mandate by the federal government to force the people of God to disrespect our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and be forced to worship the God of the government. Our founding fathers guaranteed to protect our right to worship the God of the Bible, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ or nay other religion or God we wanted to.

We are fighting against the principalities that have been set up in this country with most effective weapon man has ever known- prayer. Then we will get out and vote the Bible.

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