The Sixties Radical- The Choice Life to Our Nation or Death to Our Nation This is What hangs in The Balance on November 6

Tuesday November 6th is the biggest election in this country’s history. We as a nation will decide what path we will take. It will either be on the path of Liberty or the path of Tyranny. Once the path of Tyranny is taken there will be no turning back.

Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party is the path of Tyranny. Once we give up our freedom we will never get it back.

If we choose liberty then we will have the right to choose how we want to live. We will be able to turn back the hands of the oppressive government we are now living under. The individuals right to choose, private property rights and our freedom of how we want to or not worship God will be ours not the governments. We will be able to turn back Obamacare if we take the Senate back.

The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence will ring throughout the land.

The economic engine that drives our country will be unleashed and we will see a boom in business.

Our unalienable rights given to us from the God of The Bible, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness will be our sovereign right not the governments.

In real terms, gas prices will go down to what they were when Obama took office in 2008 a 1.83 a gallon. Food prices will drop. The housing market will rise. The construction industry will begin to grow. Our household income will grow. Under Obama our incomes have dropped five grand per household.

The average income per family dropped from fifty-five grand a year on fifty grand a year under Obama.

We as nation will be able to put the brakes on the run away federal government that has told us how much water we can use in toilets, how much gas we can use. What kind of food we can eat. What we can and can’t teach our children. What kind of cars we must drive. How much electricity we can and can’t use.

Coal plants will be shut down. This will happen if Obama is elected to a second term. This means our electrical prices will go through the roof.

If Romney is elected will have a good chance to get back to our founding principles that made this country great. If Obama is elected will we be a people forced to live how the centralized government tells us to live.

Food prices will triple under another Obama term. Gas prices will jump to ten dollars a gallon. We will be forced to drive cars the government tells us to drive. We will all become slaves to the whims and dictates of the federal government.

This is real folks. We see it now. The Catholic Church and Christian business are forced to go against their faith when it comes Obamacare and contraceptives.

If you think this will stop there think again bucko. The federal government will force all churches and synagogues to preach what the centralized government tells them to. The Ten Commandments and the Bible will be outlawed in the public square.  If one speaks about homosexuality as a sin that person will be persecuted and thrown in jail and you can take that to the bank. All one has to do is look at what happened to the Coptic Christian who made the movie about Islam that no one saw. He is now in jail on a bogus charge of a parole violation.

This is what happens to a nation who turns its collective backs on the God of the Bible. We were founded on Judeo Christian values. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of The Bible and my saviour Jesus Christ saw this and He blessed this nation.

If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution in this country the world would not have electricity, steel to build buildings, the oil industry, cars to drive and a booming thriving economy that has benefited the world. Without us the rest of the world would be screwed.

The industrial age would have been set back at least one hundred years. For God gave us men like Cornelius Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison just to name a few.

Yes these men were cut throats but their ingenuity and their willingness to fail gave the world some of the greatest gifts man has ever known.  Imagine if these men had to live under the government we have today we would all live in the dark.

You can take that to the bank.

When man is sovereign great things can happen. For you see all sovereignty comes from God not the government. Our Founding fathers knew and believed this and men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, and the rest gave us the greatest gift Liberty.

A vote for Romney is a vote for Liberty. A vote for Obama is a vote for Tyranny and the destruction of our country. I choose Liberty not Tyranny. I voted on Friday for Romney.

Many folks like me have been praying and fasting for this country for forty days. Prayer is the most forceful weapon we have against evil. Obama is evil. You know it in your hearts. If Obama is elected our country, as we know will be destroyed. Then your children and mine will live in Tyranny.

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