The Sixties Radical- Now Freedom is a Dirty Word

As we ring in the New Year the Left never changes its tune. These people are hell bent on destroying our very way of life. The Left, Obama, The Democrat Party and the statists in the Republican Party believe that Life, Liberty, and Freedom are dirty words. For these folks act and think that “We The People have too much freedom. We have to be controlled and told what is best for us. The Left etal in reality want total control of our lives from womb to tomb and everything in between. They think we are stupid and too much freedom is a bad thing.

These masterminds, a term I borrowed from Mark Levin, know more than The Adonai of The Torah, more than Yeshua or Adam Smith, John Locke or Moshe. Obama and the rest are embarked on a path of full the fledged destruction of this country if they are not stopped. The  path of socialism has never worked in the history of man kind and it never will for Adonai gave us the yearning to be free. Adonai also gave us the freedom to choose. Adonai or Yeshua will never force us to follow HIM. Yes, going against the will of Adonai has dire consequences. The term “will” means Adonai’s desire for us. HE desires us to follow HIS path but Adonai and Yeshua let’s us make up our own minds. The statists on the other hand will force us to live by their rules.

Yeshua has opened my eyes to the world around me. Adonai and Yeshau have given me a glimpse of what is behind the curtain. And it is not a pretty sight. Evil has taken residence in our country and is in the process of destroying this great land of ours forever.  Many will think I am crazy and yes I am and I have the papers to prove it but when one asks Adonai to show one the truth and to asks to seek HIS will Adonai will listen and speak to you. All one has to listen to the word of Adonai.

In the end there is no common ground. Many will always look for common ground but how does one compromise on the word of Adonai. Does this mean we will follow HIS word when it suits us. For if this is the case then we are Adonai. And in the end this is what statists think and believe. For these masterminds are god not the Adonai of the Torah or my saviour Yeshua.

This long winded explanation brings me to my point. Piers Morgan thinks the word of Adonai and the Torah and the Constitution is flawed. So what part of Freedom is a flawed concept. What part of Liberty, Freedom of choice and personal property rights is flawed. Why is the freedom to worship Adonai or not worship Adonai such a bad thing. For me the answer lies in that folks like Piers Morgan are convicted by the word of Adonai and they know that their lifestyle is wrong. For these folks think Adonai condemns them instead Adonai is asking them to repent of their ways. The word repent means to think. For when one thinks then one will change their actions and this is what Yeshua and Adonai wants us to do all along. To think and then to change and it is as simple as this.

This story appeared on CNS NEWS Thursday December 27th. Here are some excerpts from the story.

After his gun-control views landed him on a  petition to be deported from the United States, CNN host Piers Morgan is  now contending “it’s time for an amendment to the Bible” because, like  the Constitution, it is “inherently flawed.”

In an interview that was broadcast on Christmas Eve, Morgan told  evangelical Pastor Rick Warren that due to changing cultural views on  gay marriage the Bible, too, must be changed.

“The Bible and the Constitution were well-intentioned, but they are  basically inherently flawed,” Morgan said.  “Hence the need to amend  it.”

“My point to you about gay rights, for example, it’s time for an amendment to the Bible,” he said.

Many think like Piers Morgan. Obama is one of them and this is why these people are very dangerous and deadly. When one messes with the word of Adonai the results are not very pretty.

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