The Sixties Radical- Group Speak is the New Norm

We are now in a sad state of affairs in my country. All morals and values that have been at the core of this country since it’s founding has now been thrown out the window in favour of the state dictating to us how we should live our lives. Bad words are now liberty, freedom, freedom of choice, private property rights, Adonai, the word of the Torah and the Bible, Yeshua, Jesus, The Ten Commandments, and the worst of these are either being called a Jew or a Christian, a conservative or a person of faith.

These words are now being banned in the public square. The statists are telling us that we have too much freedom. That freedom is a bad thing and the folks that run the state must regulate freedom. For if ” We The People” have too much freedom. We can’t be controlled. You see the state is now the religion of the society not Judaism and the different sects of Christianity including Catholicism or whatever your religion is. Adonai is no longer the protector and the divine influence that helped guide our founding fathers. The new Adonai is Obama, the state, statists, and the masterminds (a term I borrowed from Mark Levin). These geniuses know what is best for us all. Obama knows how to raise our children, set the moral standards of our society, and tell us how to live from womb to tomb. For “We The People” are too stupid to know how to shit, shower, and shave.

These ideas have been around since Adonai created man. Adonai gave us life, liberty, and freedom to choose how we want to live. Yes, Adonai desires for us to follow HIS word but HE will never force us to do what we don’t want to do. Adonai will give us many warnings to stop us from heading down a path of self destruction but HE will never grab us by the scuff of the neck and force us to follow HIM. Statists and Utopians will make us follow their ideas and plans for a perfect society but Adonai will never do this.

In real world terms, Adonai gave us all the yearning to be free. HE made us all unique individuals with different gifts and talents. The Utopian (a term I borrowed from Mark Levin) on the other hand doesn’t see individuals but groups of people that must be divided into different races, social classes, economic classes, intellectual classes and so forth. The individual doesn’t exist in the Utopian society.

We all must think, act, and speak the same way. For one doesn’t follow the group speak that individual must be destroyed.

This is what is happening now in this great country of ours. The big lie is all of this is done for the common good. We can’t have people who deviate into thinking for themselves for if they do they will become a danger to the group. One of the many things I have learned in my sixty-one years of living is this one simple fact when a man learns to think he or she becomes dangerous. For when one thinks they learn to ask questions. And when one asks questions they will questions what is being taught. To quote Jules Henry the sociologist who wrote the book Culture Against Man in 1963 the purpose of education is make one stupid. When one thinks they become dangerous and must be stopped by the Utopian society.

“School is an institution for drilling children in cultural orientation. …American classrooms, like educational institutions anywhere, express the values, preoccupations, and fears found in the culture as a whole. School has no choice; it must train the children to fit the culture as it is. …Since education is always against some things and for others, it bears the burden of the cultural obessions. …It thus comes about that most educational systems are imbued with anxiety and hostility, that they are against as many things as they are for. … The function of education has never been to free the mind and the spirit of man, but to bind them…acquiescence, not originality. …Schools are the central conserving force of the culture.” –Jules HenryCulture Against Man, pp.283-287., 1963

“The function of high school, then, is not so much to communicate knowledge as to oblige children finally to accept the grading system as a measure of their inner excellence. And a function of the self-destructive process in American children is to make them willing to accept not their own, but a variety of other standards, like a grading system, for measuring themselves. It is thus apparent that they way American culture is now integrated it would fall apart if it did not engender feelings of inferiority and worthlessness.”

These quotes tie hand in hand what Mark Levin has written in his book Ameritopia.

“Utopianism’s equality is intolerant of diversity, uniqueness, debate, etc., for utopianism’s purpose requires a singular focus. There can be no competing voices or causes slowing or obstructing society’s long and righteous march. Utopianism relies on deceit, propaganda, dependence, intimidation, and force. In its more aggressive state, as the malignancy of the enterprise becomes more painful and its impossibility more obvious, it incites violence inasmuch as avenues for free expression and civil dissent are cut off. Violence becomes the individual’s primary recourse and the state’s primary response. Ultimately, the only way out is the state’s termination.”
― Mark R. LevinAmeritopia: The Unmaking of America

“In utopia, rule by masterminds is both necessary and necessarily primitive, for it excludes so much that is known to man and about man. The mastermind is driven by his own boundless conceit and delusional aspirations, which he self-identifies as a noble calling. He alone is uniquely qualified to carry out this mission. He is, in his own mind, a savior of mankind, if only man will bend to his own will. Such can be the addiction of power. It can be an irrationally egoistic and absurdly frivolous passion that engulfs even sensible people. In this, mastermind suffers from a psychosis of sorts and endeavors to substitute his own ambitions for the individual ambitions of millions of people.”
― Mark R. LevinAmeritopia: The Unmaking of America

“Moreover, it is difficult to reconcile Hobbes’s distrust for the individual with his confidence in the altruistic nature of the individual or individuals who will oversee and control the Leviathan. Are not the latter also of flesh and blood? Hobbes seems to be saying that man’s nature cannot be trusted but the nature of a ruler or a ruling assembly of men can be trusted. How so?”
― Mark R. LevinAmeritopia: The Unmaking of America

In the end the only defense we have against the statists, the Utopian, and the demigod, and the dictator is Adonai. For if we trust in Adonai to guide us and show us the way we will find our way back to The Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents are not perfect for man is not perfect. We are all fallible. And once we all realize this very fact and then we can come to grips with our imperfect society.  And only then can we live in peace by letting others live their lives as they see fit.

All rights are given to us from Adonai. And Adonai in the end will be the judge of us all.  For Yeshua taught us to “love your neighbor not love your tribe”.  See Mark Levin’s book Ameritopia – page 34.

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